A Self Evaluation: A Year in Review by DJ Harlow

Hey everybody! How are you doing?


Wow that’s a horrible way to start a blog post! But seriously, what am I supposed to say? This is only the second blog post I have ever created. So apologies if I don’t start it on the right foot.


Anyway, I figured I would write about my own evaluation of my show. By the way, if you do not know I am DJ Harlow and I host an R&B show on Sunday mornings from 9-Noon. I have held this time slot for over a year now and boy it’s hard to believe a year has gone by since I first started. I feel like I have grown a lot since the first day. But at the same time I don’t think I have gone anywhere at all.


In a year I have given a brief history of Motown and Stax Records. I have gone through the Billboard R&B chart toppers of the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. And I have given you a glimpse into the many different variations and offshoots of the R&B genre. You may not agree with some of the choices that I have presented, but I can make an argument that R&B definitely had an influence or provided a foundation for it.


But the primary purpose, and where I get the most joy, is presenting an entertaining show to you, the listener. I like presenting a combination of old and new stuff to get you grooving. And as long as I feel that I’m doing that, I don’t care how many calls I get. It took me a long time to not derive the success of the show based on calls. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like the calls of support, it just means that I don’t entirely depend on the success of it anymore.


As I continue to grow as a DJ and the show evolves, I hope to bring you more quality R&B music and to get you involved. An idea that I’m bouncing around is having a 10 minute fan takeover. Where you, the fan, get to make a request for 10 or more minutes of any R&B song you want to hear. How you would do that, would be to either tweet or message me while I’m in studio. This is a rough idea, but I think that it would be fun for you and me to play some music.


I hope to finalize that idea and others that I have and eventually incorporate it within the show.


For those of you who listen to my show, thank you. And to everyone who listens and supports KTUH as a whole, thank you very much. I love your faces, and I’ll see you on Sunday mornings!

2 responses to “A Self Evaluation: A Year in Review by DJ Harlow

  1. Good for you for not defining your success only on show call volume. Because as you get better it’s easier to blend calls in as you go along. Sounds like you’re already there.

  2. Thank you for not being corporate radio. You don’t need a consultant’s algorhythm playlist to be successful.

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