KTUH FM Honolulu is a non-profit, non-commercial college radio station. As such, we are bound by FCC regulations which prohibit us from running conventional advertising. We are, however, allowed to give consideration to sponsors who donate funds to the station. This is called underwriting.

By underwriting our quality public programming, sponsors will reach a niche market: listeners with tastes distinctly different from the mainstream, and those who avoid commercial radio simply because it is commercial. Our underwriting spots are 20 to 30 seconds in length and are programmed to ensure that your message will be uncluttered by others.

There are specific guidelines set by the FCC restricting what can and cannot be said through underwriting. These guidelines include:

  • No comparative or qualitative language or value descriptions. (e.g. ‘the best,’ ‘excellent,’ ‘awesome,’ etc.)
  • No background music.
  • No calls to action. (e.g. ‘come on down,’ ‘call 555-5555,’ or ‘put it on your list of things to do.’)
  • No mention of sales or discounted amounts. (e.g. ‘sale this week, 10% off!’)
  • Any associated contests or giveaways must be separate.

To become a sponsor, or for more information or clarification, please contact our General Manager at (808) 956 7431 or gm@ktuh.org

You can also mail inquiries to:

Attn: General Manager
KTUH FM Honolulu
2445 Hemenway Hall #203
Honolulu, HI 96822

We have been facing constant budget cuts and tight fiscal conditions; the support we have received from the business community is greatly appreciated. We look forward to a continuing relationship with the businesses and people of our island community. Mahalo nui loa!