Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself My Name Is…: An Introduction by DJ Harlow



For the past month or so I’ve been struggling with what I was going to exactly say or write as my first post for KTUH. I’ve endlessly thought about what I could do to just say, this is me and this is what I would like to talk about or express. Everything from telling you a little bit about myself to a music review to just randomness. But what can I do that is actually unique in a way that you would want to know or be interested in? Also, how exactly do you start a blog post? “Hey there!”

“Hello, it’s me?”

“Waaaassssssssuuuuppppp!” (People still do this right? Oh, just me? Alright I’ll stop.)

I may be putting way too much thought into this. You would think that me being a millennial you would think that I know a thing or two about blogs. Well…I don’t. Actually this is the first time I’m ever writing on a blog. I just don’t think I have anything interesting to say or think anybody would care about what I say.

As you can probably tell I’m not smooth at all. Actually this is me being super awkward because I’m a little out of my comfort zone with this. I’m sure I’m not usually not this awkward…I think. Yup, I just made it awkward. So why don’t I just keep writing and hope that by the end this all makes sense.

So if I am this way, why even do radio? There’s a lot more pressure on you to produce something good that hundreds (or even thousands) of people listen to rather than writing a blog post that everyone could ignore. Yeah, that’s true. But I like to think that I hide behind the music. I can express a part of me that can hold your interest and you can enjoy. And everything that I do in between could be made up for with good music. I would like to think that I’m not that awkward or weird in between, but that’s totally up to you.

My musical history has been a lifelong journey of education from my father and me exploring my identity and the world. I grew up listening to classic rock as a baseline. From there I was exposed to jazz, rhythm and blues, classical, country, easy listening and a whole laundry list. From there I started exploring everything else. My first stop was

Believe it or not, the book (and later turned movie) High Fidelity has had a big impact on my life in general. Seriously, that book has inspired me to dig for music and build the perfect playlist for any situation. I’ve spent countless of hours during my teenage years listening and scouring the depths to make a good playlist and to express myself.

The line: “Now, the making of a good compilation tape is a very subtle art. Many do’s and don’ts. First of all you’re using someone else’s poetry to express how you feel. This is a delicate thing.” Actually made so much sense to me that I literally take it to heart when I DJ. And Rob’s view on compiling a playlist is seriously something I found out for myself by trial and error. I thought I was a genius before then…oh how blind youth can be! Also, I do ask “Top 5” questions on dates. I mean, you do get to know a person better with those kinds of questions!

(For the record, I still think to this day that working in a record shop would be a fun job…in a somewhat depressing way. By the way, you should totally read this book and see the movie if you haven’t. I highly recommend it!)

And that’s why I love DJing. I can express how I feel with someone else’s music while also taking you along on a journey. And hopefully along the way, you’ll be entertained. I have so much fun doing it that I really don’t think about everybody listening. Also because when you’re doing a radio show it’s just you and the microphone. So if you’ve ever recorded yourself doing a fake show on a tape recorder (like I did when I was younger) it’s not too far from it.

So I guess that’s a short history/description of me. Hey, I actually wrote a blog. Either that or this whole thing makes no sense at all. In which case, is it too late to say sorry? By the way, I also make a lot of pop culture references and quotes. That’s just how I roll. Yup…still awkward.

And if you ever get a chance to meet me, come up and say hello. I may be super quiet and awkward, but that’s just how I am when I first meet people. Thanks for reading this, and thank you very much for supporting KTUH. We truly love you long time!

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  1. D. J. Harlow, you are doing a great job. I use to host and R&B – Blues show in Seattle. I will contribute to this blog, or just make comments, etc. Rock on!

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