Alternative Love – A Blueprint For High Energy Rock N Roll From the Last 40 Years


The term “Alt-Music” itself is rather uninspired, however, the music featured in this graphic is anything but. If you consider yourself a fan of any kind of modern era Rock N Roll music, I’m sure you’ll find something here that you enjoy…and who knows…you might even find one of your favorite artists linked to a group you’ve never heard before…laying dormant in your own existence, waiting to cause a blissful aural explosion between your ears.

Click right here to see a larger version that you can zoom in on from an article at Wired Magazine. Although I don’t agree with the author’s assertion of punk rock as a movement beginning with the Sex Pistols, I do really enjoy this chart overall.

You can also hear a lot of the music displayed here, on my show: Unfun Radio, every Monday from noon to 3pm on KTUH.

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