Anti-Retrograde Playlist

DJ Mermaid here, with a curated playlist to help get you out of the whole retrograde funk. Apparently, quite a few planets are in retrograde (Saturn and Venus being the major ones) and according to some astrologically inclined folks, this may be the reason we find ourselves struggling more than normal. Sometimes our plans fall apart, and we find it difficult to accomplish even the smallest of tasks.

Perhaps, like me, you’ve noticed it, and are struggling to snap out of it. Never fear, o dear KTUH listener, for I have a few songs that may help lift your spirits and rediscover your productivity!

“Cowards” by Raleigh Ritchie

Hardcore fans of GoT will already know that Raleigh Ritchie is non-other than Jacob Anderson, a.k.a. our favorite Unsullied captain, Grey Worm. Actor by day, musician by night? Whatever, I love it.

I first stumbled onto his music a couple years ago, but nothing really piqued my interest until I heard this track. The lyrics and title tell the story of how much of a struggle dating can be but could possibly be so much easier if we weren’t such cowards when it comes to saying how we feel. The emotional turmoil of whether or not the feeling is mutual, accompanied by the awkward back and forth that we’re all too familiar with. Etta Bond lends her voice to demonstrate said back and forth with a short, robotic dialogue of awkward “Hi”, “Hey”, “Ok”. The topic may be awkward, but this track has a head-bobbing, eclectic-indie vibe to it that actually makes it feel more hopeful than anything.

My favorite lyrics: “I’m struggling to hold onto / Something close to you / And I’m coming up short / I choose to make the most of you”

“How Did I Live Before Your Love” by Jamie Lidell

Kudos to DJ Harlow, for playing this on his show multiple times. Shame on me, for somehow missing it every time he’s played it 🙁

The first time I heard this song, I was driving from Haleʻiwa to Mānoa, and the moment Jamie Lidell came in with that first line I found myself screaming “YAAAASSSSSS” in my car while grinning from ear to ear. It was probably the first time I’d genuinely smiled in days (the Venus in retrograde thing is really messing with me), and the whole song had me grooving. Lidell’s vocals are comforting and warm, and he’s backed by his whole band who each have a hand in creating this soulfully uplifting gem. It also reminds me of Ray LaMontagne’s “You Are The Best Thing” (which you should def listen to after).

“Hands Down” by The Greeting Committee

Signed to Harvest Records (Best Coast, Glass Animals), The Greeting Committee is a band made up of 4 high school friends who suddenly find themselves with a record deal, and a multistate tour opening for the band Kitten. Not too shabby for a bunch of high school kids!

Their album is a bright, upbeat mix of indie-pop and punk. This song, in particular, makes me wanna throw on a pair of Chucks and jump around dancing in my garage. Iʻm a fan of the jangly guitar and tambourine paired with lead singer Addie Sartino’s voice.

“Your Girl” by Grace Potter

I first fell in love with Grace Potter when she recorded the album The Lion The Beast And The Beat with The Nocturnals back in 2012, and I instantly gravitated to the heart-wrenching ballad “Stars”. This track however, is quite the opposite.

This one’s about knowing you could get with a guy despite the fact that he has a girlfriend (not cool gang, def not something I encourage), but not doing so because you really like his girlfriend. It’s got a funky baseline, and Potter’s vocals reall carry it through. It’s pretty plain and simple, and I think we can assume Potter stuck to girl code on this one.

Fave lyrics: “When she was a stranger / It was so easy / Living in my dream but now / I can’t shoot down an angel / Just because I want to be your midnight queen, no no”

I hope these songs help you out of whatever rut you may be in, and if you have any others you’d like to add, throw em in down in the comments section!

If you need more info on the whole retrograde thing and how/why it puts us in a funk, DJ Vina sent me this helpful article.


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