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NERVO @ The Rupublik 2013

The Republik has been doing a good job of getting big headliners to play at their venue recently, with Jillionaire, Odd Future, and now Nervo being some big names. People packed into the club hours before Nervo was set to go on, and the DJ before the Australian duo was doing a good job hyping […]

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Discover a New Artist

    MOORS – “Asphyxiated”   It seems like rappers may have it the hardest in the music industry. When you think about it, EDM has a very open circle that is always letting in new artists, but there are thousands of rappers out there who get little or no media attention because a select […]

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Track Review: Major Lazer ft. Laidback Luke & Ms. Dynamite – “Sweat”

Laidback Luke and major combine efforts on a song only this match made in heaven could procure. The song (as well as the video) catch your attention within the first five seconds, and the hook keeps you around. Styled in a nightclub fashion, the video shows off beautiful body artwork that glows in the dark. […]

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Tropkillaz Jet Blue Jet

DJ Zegon & Andre Laudz have been working in the music industry for years, but now that they have combined to make the group tropkillaz, they’ve become a strong contender in the EDM market. It’s hard to put their music in a specific genre, sometimes it has a very strong trap feel, other times its […]

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What makes your music stand out?

Modern EDM music has seen its twists and turns, over the past three years, trap and EDM in general has exploded into the forefront of the music world. But what keeps the songs from getting repetitive or boring? It seems like a skeleton can be created for every genre. Four on the floor for house, […]

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