Anjoli Roy, aka PhDJ, is a grad student in the English department at UHMānoa. Though she doesn't know a ton about music, she does believe that music and creative writing have a good thing going on (thank you, Warsan Shire, for making this known!), so she started a show called "It's Lit" that features writers to love and the music their work plays best around. Featured writers select 2-4 songs to play around or with their pieces. The result has been an unpredictable (in the best way) show, and Anjoli is now learning way more about music than even she thought possible. While pursuing this dream of being a DJ who knows more about music than 90s hip hop, Anjoli also works a full-time job, teaches the occasional creative writing class, surfs whenever she's not chained to a desk, and avoids her dissertation. It's quite possible she may never graduate.

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