Jus Bone aka DJ Bone, is the Host of KTUH's The Got Rice? Show, which features Independent, Local and Golden Era Hiphop wed nights / thurs morn from 12-3am. Bone is also a promoter and promotes various musical events around Hawaii regularly, including Hip Hop @ The Trops, which features local hip hop artists, DJs, Producers and Dancers once a month at Tropics Tap House, Enter the Dragon, A Kung Fu / Hip Hop theme party featuring up and coming Hip hop artist and DJ's every 4th Friday at Dragon Upstairs in Downtown and Tropic Blend featuring DJ Revise, Packo, Spooky and other dope Hip Hop Dj's residing in Hawaii and beyond every Saturday Night at Tropics Tap House. Bone has also been fortunate enough to promote shows featuring artist from all over the world including... Dumbfoundead, Shing02, Apathy, Celphtitled, Aceyalone, DJ Marley Marl, Awkwafina, Del Tha Funky Homosapien, Gift of Gab, Pigeon John, Ahmad, A Plus, Scarub, The Bar (Bambu and Prometheus Brown), Rocky Rivera, Josh Martinez, Illmaculate, J Natural, Fredo, DJ Swamp, Dj Zo, SCRATCHMASTER A1, Otayo Dub, Equipto, Odessa Kane and more. Also an avid Bodyboarder and "Food Porn" expert, you can follow Jus Bone and his EPMS (Eats Party Music Surf) Adventures on Instagram and Twitter @Jus_bone and on Snapchat as JusBone. Cheeeeee

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