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The Happyoblivion New Music Reviews

The first few months of 2014 have already brought some wonderful new indie pop releases.  Here are a few of my favorites!  Let’s go through some album reviews: Alpaca Sports just released their debut album, Sealed With a Kiss.  Hailing from Göteborg, Sweden, their brand of sunny indie pop with boy-girl vocals is pitch perfect.  […]

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The Happyoblivion Best Albums (LPs or EPs) of 2013

Silver Screen

Completing our best of list for 2013, here are the 10 best albums overall–that means no filler, and all great stuff for the whole album.  Tune in to the Happyoblivion show every Saturday 12-3pm for the very best in indie pop music!                    10) Beach Vacation: Maritime [EP]. What a nice surprise this was, a band […]

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The Happyoblivion Best Singles or Random Tracks of 2013

Here we go into more detail on the Happyoblivion Best of 2013 lists. First up, these are 2013’s top 10 singles or random tracks (songs that came from albums that were good, but not stellar enough to be a top 10 album of 2013). I will post up the 10 best overall albums of 2013 […]

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Happyoblivion Top Tracks

Mild-Mannered DJ Bryan here to give you some of the top indie pop tracks and releases!  These are some of the songs and albums I just can’t shake, so the best thing to do is turn up the volume    and enjoy them as much as possible.     Slow beach – Lover, Lover (6 […]

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