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Although he shares his name with a plastic furniture company popular in the 60’s, don’t let that fool you! Kartell is a young funkbeat mastermind from France who has been blowing my mind with his infectious songs. His music makes me feel like I should be dancing like this: And apparently I’m not the only […]

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The Avalanches


The Avalanches are an Australian electronic group who have grown largely popular since their debut album Since I Left You which was released in 2000, a wonderful gift to the world if I do say so myself. The album is a psychedelic compilation of samples from around 3,500 records, the album will make you want […]

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Rocknrolla Soundsystem


  The first time I heard one of RocknRolla Soundsystem’s songs was while I was cleaning my bathroom and had a random YouTube playlist blasting, I stopped mid-scrub and scurried over to my computer to find out the makers of this sweet music. After stalking their soundcloud and listening to every song they had ever […]

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Com Truise

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 6.37.44 AM

Looking up at this burly, lumberjack-looking man with a stern face… I didn’t know what to expect. As soon as he began speaking, it was evident he was as unpretentious as can be. Just a sweet-natured guy with a robust mind and large appetite for music. He couldn’t hold in his excitement about being in […]

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Bollywood Dance feat. the UH Napoli Ensemble


At the Kaleo Arts festival I had the pleasure of meeting Jared, the president of the South Asian Student Association. He mentioned they were going to have a festival the wk after thanksgiving in the cc ballroom. I tried to find some info on it on the UH website, but there wasn’t much. I took […]

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Local Talent


Who knew we had such an amazing artist at UH? I did, that’s why I interviewed him to write this article. Roger Kelly, 21, is a humble soul with heaps of talent. He started out by creating comic books then took a brief sabbatical from art until he was reintroduced after high school. He is […]

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Honolulu Night Market at Kakaako


My first time attending the market was last Saturday, I heard good things about it and it definitely seemed worth checkin out. I have to say it completely surpassed my expectations and was nothin but greatness. About 1 minute after entering we were offered free shaved ice. That’s right, free. HOPA (House of Pure Aloha) […]

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Snowglobe Music Festival 2012

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 7.19.46 AM

Changing up the typical music fest scene, SG is music fest that is held in South Lake Tahoe. It takes place under the redwoods which most likely will be covered in snow by that time. The line up has been released and there are some incredible artists playing at the fest. Those going are stoked […]

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Screen Shot 2012-10-30 at 8.00.08 AM

Poolside is a new music group creating their own sweet lil’ genre they like to call, “day time disco.” It truly is the perfect soundtrack to lounging by the pool, while sipping on some mojitos and hanging out with some quality folks. Their light and funky sound just makes you want to groove, it’s quite […]

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Who is this Lana Del Rey girl?

Screen Shot 2012-10-30 at 6.51.41 AM

Have you found yourself asking this question in the past few months? Quite alright, you’re not alone. Not only is this woman sweeping the music world, but she’s also an internet sensation as well as a rising fashion icon. Her haunting voice and mysterious demeanor keep people wanting more and more. Lana Del Rey aka […]

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