Beach Slang does the Furs’ “Love My Way”

One of my favorite new bands is Philadelphia’s post-punk torchbearers, Beach Slang. With a sound that pays clear yet refreshing homage to monumentally influential groups like Jawbreaker, The Replacements and maybe even a little Echo & The Bunnymen, Beach Slang is working their butts off to wedge themselves into the ears of the world. They’ve released two powerful 7″s, just got off of a tour supporting Cursive and are prepping to spread their aural love across several cities in Belgium, Germany and the UK. In my experience thus far, there is no middle ground with peoples’ opinions of them. They either love them or they don’t (likely because they just haven’t yet heard them).

While we wait impatiently for them to begin recording material for their first full length record, the guys have temporarily satiated us with a romantic little cover of The Psychedelic Furs’ jam “Love My Way”.

You can listen to it and download it for free from their bandcamp site.

-DJ Hang The DJ | Unfun Radio

Love My Way

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