Bollywood Dance feat. the UH Napoli Ensemble

At the Kaleo Arts festival I had the pleasure of meeting Jared, the president of the South Asian Student Association. He mentioned they were going to have a festival the wk after thanksgiving in the cc ballroom. I tried to find some info on it on the UH website, but there wasn’t much. I took my chances and just showed up, sure enough there was a lively event taking place filled with music, food, and dancing. I hit the food first, there was a plethora of ethnic food provided by Da Spot. I was so happy to see there was a delicious vegan option, Chickpea curry…mmmm mm mm. There was also iced tea and orange blossom water available. After the positive and high-energy dancing, the UH Napoli Ensemble performed (our very own Alex Kelley on sitar.)

The purpose of this event was to promote diversity through informing people about Indian pop culture (aka Bollywood) and to provide a forum for unification of various cultures. They were promoting not just India, but all 9 South Asian countries. There are several events through out the year, to get on the e-mail list just send your name to

Guaranteed good time, check out one of their events! 

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