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KTUH’s RENEWAL Dance party at Campus Center

On Saturday, April 6th, KTUH will be hosting RENEWAL, a massive dance party held in the UH Manoa Campus Center Ballroom and Forum, with 2 areas of Music, 9 of Honolulu’s top EDM DJs, Lights, Lasers, and More.

Featuring DJs:

  • Massfunk
  • Graves (Formerly CTLDG)
  • Superstar Nikki
  • DJ Packo

and KTUH DJs:

  • G-Spot
  • dj mr.nick
  • Sejika
  • 6-Shots

18+ Event
Presale Tickets:
$5 for All UH Systems Students
$10 for General Public
$20 at the Door the night of the Event
Tickets Available at the UH Manoa Campus Center Ticket, Info & ID Office.
This is a Drug and Alcohol Free Event.

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 6.23.39 PM

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Com Truise

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 6.37.44 AM

Looking up at this burly, lumberjack-looking man with a stern face… I didn’t know what to expect. As soon as he began speaking, it was evident he was as unpretentious as can be. Just a sweet-natured guy with a robust mind and large appetite for music. He couldn’t hold in his excitement about being in Hawai’i, “I never thought I’d come to Hawaii… this feels like a movie.” His sincere delight was apparent when he was ranting and raving about his fascination with Oahu’s “architecture and foliage.”

Com Truise (Seth Haley) put on a remarkable show headlining at Next Door Febuary 9th. Unraveling his magnetic beats, there was quickly a gravitational pull that had the crowd locked in. There was an unmistakable supersonic vibe in the room, which crowd-goers were feeding off of. His music has been described as 80’s synth-pop with a dark, new age flow. Although categorizing an artist like Cruise’s music is almost irrelevant, it’s much more affective to hear his songs in order to get an idea of his style. Let’s just say if one were to embark on a smooth, intergalactic voyage, they would jam to Com Truise. This type of artist isn’t what we regularly see in Honolulu, instead they’re more so listened to on the mainland. With that thought, it was really nice to see such a great turnout of Truise-loving fans! It could be an indication that Hawai’i’ is thirsty for something different… the music scene may heading towards a new direction filled with fresh artist and progressive beats.


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Genevieve + Divine Fitz = Super Cool

Awesome sauce! Genevieve’s interview with Britt Daniels & Dan Boeckner of super-group Divine Fits can be found on her website at the following link:

Tune in to her show, HIonAir, every Tuesday, 6-9pm.


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Kipuka Leo reports the Hawaiian music scene

Aloha pumehana kākou e nā hoa o KTUH! If your ears are ever craving some ʻono Hawaiian music, there are some new voices hitting the Hawaiian music scene who come right out of UH Mānoa. Showcasing flawless three-part harmonies and unreal falsetto high notes, both of these groups are reminiscent of the best of Hawaiian music’s golden era, with a youthful twist that defies the norm.

Keauhou is a trio comprised of Kahanuola Solatorio and brothers Nick and Zachary Lum- all of whom are current UH Mānoa students. Literally translated, “Keauhou” means “the new generation”, which perfectly describes the fresh breath of air they are by perpetuating traditional Hawaiian mele in today’s Hawaiian music scene. Playing every other Sunday night at Imua Lounge from 6pm-8pm and Wednesdays at the Aulani Disney Resort and Spa from 5:30pm-9pm, their repetoire consists of Hawaiian mele that are not often heard anymore on mainstream Hawaiian radio. Kahanuola’s lofty but controlled high notes, Nick’s strong bass and Zachary with a familiar yet steady melody – are what makes Keauhou so recognizable and yet so fresh in a progessively changing mainstream Hawaiian music community. Check out their Facebook page under “Keauhou Music” to get updated on their other appearances and gigs.


Another must see up and coming group is ʻUheʻuhene (literally, “tra-la-la”). ʻUheʻuhene consists of current UH Mānoa students Paul Robins and Jordan Aina Asing along with Heather Kapuaokamakahala Kalua. Despite being “on-call” at Chiko’s Tavern, everytime ʻUheʻuhene plays there they pack the place in. True to their name, listening to them sing is like taking a stroll down the lane of Hawaiian mele…well, more like a skip-hop-frolic down the lane with a falsetto kick in your step and cha-lang-a-lang ukulele background music, if you catch my drift. Going to see ʻUheʻuhene play is a guaranteed good time. You’ll find yourself taken aback with awe when Aina hits that first note of “None Hula”, or when Paul slides easily into a falsetto power note in his “Manu ʻŌʻō”, or my personal favorite (and I recommend you request of them) is Kapua’s “Punaluʻu” – I can tell you right now, you’re jaw will drop. You can catch them and request the above songs at their next gig on December 9th at Club Ke Kai Lounge on Hotel Street from 6pm-9pm.

But of course, one of the BEST places to hear great traditional Hawaiian music, is on the Kīpuka Leo show every Sunday from 3pm-6pm right here on KTUH! The only show currently done completely in the Hawaiian Language – e komo pū kākou i ke Kīpuka Leo!

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Bollywood Dance feat. the UH Napoli Ensemble

At the Kaleo Arts festival I had the pleasure of meeting Jared, the president of the South Asian Student Association. He mentioned they were going to have a festival the wk after thanksgiving in the cc ballroom. I tried to find some info on it on the UH website, but there wasn’t much. I took my chances and just showed up, sure enough there was a lively event taking place filled with music, food, and dancing. I hit the food first, there was a plethora of ethnic food provided by Da Spot. I was so happy to see there was a delicious vegan option, Chickpea curry…mmmm mm mm. There was also iced tea and orange blossom water available. After the positive and high-energy dancing, the UH Napoli Ensemble performed (our very own Alex Kelley on sitar.)

The purpose of this event was to promote diversity through informing people about Indian pop culture (aka Bollywood) and to provide a forum for unification of various cultures. They were promoting not just India, but all 9 South Asian countries. There are several events through out the year, to get on the e-mail list just send your name to

Guaranteed good time, check out one of their events! 

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Local Talent

Who knew we had such an amazing artist at UH? I did, that’s why I interviewed him to write this article. Roger Kelly, 21, is a humble soul with heaps of talent. He started out by creating comic books then took a brief sabbatical from art until he was reintroduced after high school. He is now an art major with a collection of impressive pieces which are considered to be in the “pop surrealism” genre.

During our talk at paradise palms (where a bee was harassing us and poor Roger was forced to sit on a deteriorating bench), I couldn’t resist but to ask the ever so cliche question, “what inspires you?” After some modest laughter he explained that he “gets satisfaction out of creating beautiful things, they all have their own little meanings I try to bring forth. The cool thing about art is you can say what you want but everyone will interpret it differently.” He also mentioned that music has helped his artistic expression, he really enjoys “Grizmatik” (Griz + Gramatik combined, awesome) and Justice. He believes them to be “breaking genre boundaries,” and he likes how they do whatever they feel is necessary for the song, and to him, painting should be the same way. Some of his painting inspirations include Rene Margritte and Van Gogh.

Although he probably wouldn’t admit it, his paintings are extraordinarily beautiful. They are vivid and detailed with a Van Gogh-esque quality,  and each one emits its own unique expression.

Check em out.

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Honolulu Night Market at Kakaako

My first time attending the market was last Saturday, I heard good things about it and it definitely seemed worth checkin out. I have to say it completely surpassed my expectations and was nothin but greatness. About 1 minute after entering we were offered free shaved ice. That’s right, free. HOPA (House of Pure Aloha) was putting the operation on and each shaved ice had been previously paid for by a kind person out there. They would hand you a card letting you know who had paid for your shaved ice and on the back there was a little note from your sponsor! Mine said, “let the flavors explode in your mouth.” All of the syrups were all natural and made from local cane sugar, and there were even toppings! I got the green tea flavor w/ azuka beans. Heavenly my friends, absolutely heavenly. We then paroosed the area and wandered into the warehouse which was filled with local vendors selling their trasures. They had decorated with xmas lights which illuminated the back wall with an image of Marilyn Monroe’s face. And who do I see spinning? None other than our very own Mr. Nick, what a nice surprise. Outside they had a beer garden which also featured alcoholic popsicles and hookah provided by the ever so wonderful Burning Tree. There was a reggae band performing live who incorporated some rock into their music, quite a show. We even got to see some crazy guy get arrested, he was very dramatic about the whole situation. All in all, great time and definitely going next time, you guys should too!


Dj Jem

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Snowglobe Music Festival 2012

Changing up the typical music fest scene, SG is music fest that is held in South Lake Tahoe. It takes place under the redwoods which most likely will be covered in snow by that time. The line up has been released and there are some incredible artists playing at the fest. Those going are stoked for some awesome music in the snow.  Some artists playing: Beats Antique (never fail to put on a good show), Gramatik (what a beast), Polica, Flosstradamus, BoomBox, Poolside, Big Gigantic, and Zion I. If you’re gonna be up in Nor Cal Dec. 29-31 check it out, gonna be a good one.

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Poolside is a new music group creating their own sweet lil’ genre they like to call, “day time disco.” It truly is the perfect soundtrack to lounging by the pool, while sipping on some mojitos and hanging out with some quality folks. Their light and funky sound just makes you want to groove, it’s quite magnetic. I have to be careful walking to class while listening to them, I can’t help but dance! Their luscious cover of Harvest Moon originally done by Neil Young is flawless, they picked the perfect song to show off their disco style. I was so excited to see Jeffery Paradise is a member of the two-man band. He used to put on the infamous dance party, “Blow Up” in San Francisco that I used to attend as a young adult experimenting with alcohol (great times.) Check out their album, Pacific Standard Time.. I’m pretty confident in saying you’ll love it.

Harvest Moon Cover:

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Who is this Lana Del Rey girl?

Have you found yourself asking this question in the past few months? Quite alright, you’re not alone. Not only is this woman sweeping the music world, but she’s also an internet sensation as well as a rising fashion icon. Her haunting voice and mysterious demeanor keep people wanting more and more. Lana Del Rey aka Lizzy Grant, originally from NYC, had been performing small time gigs for quite sometime until she hit her big debut in 2011 with, “Video Games.” This light and melodic song with an overall sad feeling acted as a sling shot into the music world for LDR. She created her own music video combining nostalgic fuzzy images and her pretty little face singing the song with her infamous pouty lips. She kept the ball rolling releasing more crowd-pleasers such as, “Blue Jeans,” “Born To Die,” “Summertime Sadness,” and “National Anthem.” Each song had it’s own mind-twisting and glamorous video to accompany, along with countless remixes. So what is it about LDR that’s making people go wild? She has been described as a modern, “self styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra,” and her music has been related to 50’s and 60’s Americana pop culture. The artist describes her genre as “Hollywood Sadcore” and lists some of her influences being Britney Spears, Elvis Presley, Eminem, and Frank Sinatra. Whatever she’s doing, it’s working. She just signed a contract to be the face of H&M and is coming out with a new album in November. Whether her overall magnetic, careless, and charming attitude is just a facade or not, it’s captivating because it’s new, unfamiliar, and unlike anything we’ve seen lately. Although it’s inevitable she will get completely sensationalized, capitalized, and changed, I wish her the best as an artist and hope she will be able to maintain a sense of originality and self.

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