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Loss of DJ Abel



This past week, the KTUH ʻohana learned of the passing of one of our student DJs, Abel Pellegrino. Abel was a wonderful asset to KTUH, full of life and energy and extremely enthusiastic about becoming a part of the KTUH legacy. The announcement of his passing has been a heavy burden upon our staff as we are reminded of the deep impact that we have on each other’s lives while being connected by the thread of being a KTUH DJ. Abel’s passing is a huge loss to the station and our listeners. We have lost a friend and colleague. Our listeners have lost a future DJ who was on his way to doing great things at KTUH and providing them with the quality programming we pride ourselves on. During his 3-6AM training shows, Abel was always excited and grateful for the few calls of positive feedback and requests that he received in that early morning time slot. It’s that kind of enthusiasm that keeps all of us motivated during those early morning time slots. In this difficult time of mourning, on behalf of all of the KTUH staff, our condolences go out to Abel’s family. Abel will be remembered here at KTUH for his vibrant personality and selfless contributions to the station.

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