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kartell1Although he shares his name with a plastic furniture company popular in the 60′s, don’t let that fool you! Kartell is a young funkbeat mastermind from France who has been blowing my mind with his infectious songs. His music makes me feel like I should be dancing like this:

And apparently I’m not the only one, Kartell loves to perform live and connect with the crowd, providing sweet beats which induce dancing for hours, perhaps even all night. Kartell released his first album Riviera in 2012 followed by Sapphire in 2013. On top of making people fall in love one by one, he is also managing his own record label Roche Music as well as his own blog showcasing up and coming artists (, check out his tunes and experience his magic for yourself (Pantera should be the first song you dive into.)

By: Dj Jem

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The Avalanches

avalanches-since-i-left-you-reissueThe Avalanches are an Australian electronic group who have grown largely popular since their debut album Since I Left You which was released in 2000, a wonderful gift to the world if I do say so myself. The album is a psychedelic compilation of samples from around 3,500 records, the album will make you want to put on patterned pants and smoke a j in your ’68 Camaro. The Avalanches are experts at stitching together vinyl samples to create dreamy tunes that have a nostalgic vibe to them. Believe it or not, the group members got the bulk of their musical supplies (recording gear, vinyls, etc.) at thrift shops, now that my friends is brilliant (take note musicians, this is so the way to go.) The anticipation for new releases has been high since the uproar following the Since I Left You album, the people got a taste of the cake and they want another slice! The Avalanches have slowly dropped mixtapes through out the years, each one clearly showcasing the ridiculous talent these guys have for patching samples together.

Check out their YouTube channel to listen to their mixtapes/singles/wildly creative videos

By: Dj Jem

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Love Is A Real Thing

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The Wine Down

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The Den

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Monday Night Live

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The Derek Doe Show

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Tropkillaz Jet Blue Jet

DJ Zegon & Andre Laudz have been working in the music industry for years, but now that they have combined to make the group tropkillaz, they’ve become a strong contender in the EDM market. It’s hard to put their music in a specific genre, sometimes it has a very strong trap feel, other times its moombhaton, hip hop, or 100 bpm twerk music. On average they release about two new tracks per week, and astounding feat. The sheer amount of music as well as the quality is bringing new listeners in by the thousands. They recently just reached thirty thousand followers on Facebook, and as of right now they are close to forty. The recent remix the song by Major Lazer further proves their worth as upcoming artists. Check out jet blue jet here,

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KTUH Music Chart November 11, 2013


CMJ Top 30, Jazz Top 10,
Hip Hop Top 10, RPM Top 10
New World Top 10, Loud Top 10
Phone #: (808) 956-4847
Date of Report: 11.11.2013
Reported By: David Teraoka
(S/T=self-titled)/(V/A=various artists)/(S/R=self-released)

1. DENT MAY : Warm Blanket (Paw Tracks)
3. DR DOG : B-Room (Anti)
4. RJD2 : More Is Than Isn’t (S/R)
5. SUPERCHUNK : I Hate Music (Merge)
6. DELTRON 3030 : Event 2 (Bulk)
7. CITY AND COLOUR : The Hurry And The Harm (Dine Alone)
8. POLYPHONIC SPREE : Yes, It’s True (Kirtland)
9. OF MONTREAL : Lousy With Sylvianbriar (Polyvinyl)
10. ROBERT POLLARD : Honey Locust Honky Tonk (Rockathon)
11. CHVRCHES : The Bones Of What You Believe (Glassnote)
12. ISLANDS : Ski Mask (Manque)
13. BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA : I’ll Find A Way (Sony)
14. THE PREATURES : Is This How You Feel? (Harvest)
15. KISSAWAY TRAIL : Breach (Yep Roc)
16. DAVID LYNCH : The Big Dream (S/R)
17. NIGHTMARES ON WAX : Feeling Good (Warp)
18. CUB SPORT : Paradise (S/R)
19. JESSY LANZA : Pull My Hair Back (Hyperdub)
20. NEKO CASE : The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You (Anti)
21. ARCADE FIRE : Reflektor (Merge)
22. VOLCANO CHOIR : Repave (Jajaguar)
23. WILDLIFE : …On The Heart (Wax Records)
24. BEST COAST : Fade Away(Jewel City)
25. MIRROR TRAVEL : Mexico (Modern Outsider)
26. PEACE : In Love (Sony)
27. DISMEMBERMENT PLAN : Uncanny Valley (S/R)
28. CULTS : Static (Columbia)
29. HAPPY JAWBONE FAMILY BAND : S/T (Mexican Summer)
30. CRYSTAL ANTLERS : Nothing Is Real (Innovative Leisure)

1. CATE LE BON : Mug Museum (Wichita)
2. WE ARE SCIENTISTS : Business Casual (Dine Alone)
3. TENNIS : Small Sound (Communion)
4. BLOOD ORANGE : Cupid Deluxe)
5. LITTLE SUNS : Normal Human Feelings (Divergent)

1. B’SHORKESTRA : Go To Orange (PS)
2. KANJI OHTA & THE JAZZ FAMILY (Our Jazz Family (JZAZ Records)
3. BEAT FUNKTION : Moon Town (Do Records)
4. CHICK COREA : The Vigil (Concord)
5. DAVID SILLS : Blue’s The New Green (Gut String Records)
6. THE GREYBOY ALLSTARS : Inland Emperor (Knowledge Room)
8. FOREIGN MOTION : In Flight (S/R)
9. DAVE BENNETT : Don’t Be That Way (Mack Avenue)
10. CAROLYN LEE JONES : The Performer (S/R)

1. WILLIE MAY : Moon Chillun (S/R)

1. DELTRON 3030 : Event 2 (Bulk)
2. BIG WILL : Cry Now Laugh Later(S/R)
3. TROMBONE SHORTY : Fire And Brimstone (Verve)
4. GRAYSKUL : Zenith (Fake Four)
5. THE UNCLUDED : Hokey Fight (Rhymesayers Entertainment)
6. TOUISSANT MORRISON : Fast Times At Trillmont High (S/R)
7. GAS-LAB & TRAUM DIGGS : Jazz Hop (623)
8. MAYER HAWTHORNE : Where Does This Door Go (Republic)
9. ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ROOTS : Wise Up Ghost (Blue Note)
10. MADCHILD : Lawn Mower Man (Suburbax Noize Records)

1. R.A. THE RUGGED MAN : Legends Never Die (Nature Sounds)
2. MASON : Candy Flippin (S/R)

1. RJD2 : More Is Than Isn’t (S/R)
2. JESSY LANZA : Pull My Hair Back (Hyperdub)
3. ALUNAGEORGE : Body Music (Vagrant)
4. PRETTY LIGHTS : A Color Map Of The Sun (8 Minutes 20 Seconds)
5. SHIGETO : No Better Time Than Now (Ghostly International)
6. SHAPESHIFTER : Delta (Truetone)
7. ATROPOLIS : Transitions (Cumba Mela)
8. M+A : These Days (Monotreme)
9. IKONIKA : Aerotropolis (Hyperdub)
10. FAT FREDDY’S DROP : Blackbird (S/R)

1. ADVENTURE CLUB : Calling All Heroes Part 1 (BMG)
2. CUT COPY : Free Your Mind (Loma Vista)
3. BREAK SCIENCE : Seven Bridges (PLM)
4. ELLIEPHANT : Down On Life (S/R)

1. BOB MARLEY AND THE WAILERS : Legend Remixed (Tuff Gong)
2. KUPAOA : Bumbye (Hula Kupuna Productions)
3. TRAILS AND WAYS : Trilingual (Non Market)
5. DOUGLAS BLUE FEATHER : Dawn Of A New Light (Spirit Hawk Records)
6. PETE ESCOVEDO : Live From Stern Grove Festival (Concord Music Group)
8. IKAIKA BLACKBURN : Maliu (Na Hoa Records)
9. RAQUEL BITTON : Rhythm Of The Heart (S/R)
10. MAILANI : Manaua (Seventh Wave)

1. LORD ECHO : Curiosities (Bastard Jazz)
2. DIRTY HEADS : Home (Five Seven)

1. SOULFLY : Savages (Nuclear Blast)
2. TRIVIUM : Vengence Falls (Roadrunner)
3. DEATH ANGEL : The Dream Calls For Blood (Nuclear Blast)
4. GWAR : Battle Maximus (Metal Blade)
5. DREAM THEATER : S/T (Roadrunner)
6. CARCASS : Surgical Steel (Nuclear Blast)
7. FATES WARNING : Darkness in a Different Light (Inside Out)
8. DEATH VALLEY HIGH : Positive Youth (Minus Head)
9. SCAR THE MARTYR : S/T (Roadrunner)
10. MINISTRY : From Beer To Eternity (AFM)


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DJ KNO NAME REVIEW : Liquid Swords

Every few Thursdays, (DJ Kno Kname posts) a throwback review of a classic hip hop album or an album by a classic hip hop artist released on that particular date. The review is divided into four parts, each analyzed under the lens of the four pillars of hip hop: MCing, DJing, breaking, and graffiti-ing. The MCs section analyzes the lyrical content of the album and suggests songs which up-and-coming rappers might want to listen carefully to. The DJs section is further divided into two parts: an analysis for DJs like DJ Premier, who produce songs, and an analysis for DJs like Rob Swift, turntablists who mix, beat match, and beat juggle. For the DJ Quiks out there, that’s what the MC section is for. The b-boys section suggests song which could be good for breaking/battling to, and the graf artists section analyzes the album artwork – is there anything worth integrating into pieces?

Liquid Swords – Genius/GZA

Released on this date in: 1995

Context: Technically the fourth Wu Tang solo album (after Method Man’s Tical, ODB’s Return to the 36 Chambers, and Raekwon’s Only Built…), this was actually GZA’s second solo album, his first being Words from the Genius released under the Genius moniker. This album and the other non-Wu-Tang solo album by the RZA, the Ooh I Love You Rakeem EP released under the Prince Rakeem moniker, were both released prior to 36 Chambers, are pretty un-Wu Tang (ex:, and probably should be forgotten by those who have an idealized view of the Wu Tang Clan; Words from the Genius was produced heavily by Easy Moe Bee, for cryin’ out loud (no disrespect to Easy Moe Bee, who produced most of Biggie’s Ready to Die). Even though this album was the fourth of the Wu-Tang solo albums, this was arguably the most Wu Tang-like and one of the better received of the solo albums.

MCs: GZA is a storyteller who flows smooth, instead of the aggressive, haymaker lyricism of a battle MC. Thus, throughout the album, the rhyming is laid-back storytelling and philosophizing. The flow is so smooth that very few lyrics hit you in your face, which is good if we’re talking about telling a story or contemplating the meaning of life. That isn’t to say that the lyrics are garbage; rather, listeners can just sit back and soak in the lyricism without being distracted by in-your-face swears or insults. Sometimes, you just want to watch a calm, well put-together movie instead of Michael Bay explosions. GZA can hit hard with lyrics, he just realizes that keeping the focus on the song as a whole is important, so he keeps the beauty of the rhymes subtle. You can’t truly tell a good story if you insert a line which makes people ignore the line you say right after that. Lines like “Because they lifestyle is hectic, so f***in’ hectic, Blaow! Bloaw! Blaow! Bullets are ejected” and “It’s so hard to escape the gunfire, I wish I could rule it out like an umpire” in “I Gotcha Back” make you say “Wow” very quietly without interrupting the plot. If you want more battle-like inflections and wordplay, try “Duel on the Iron Mic” (with Inspectah Deck), “4th Chamber” (with Ghostface), and “Investigative Reports” (with Raekwon the Chef).

DJs: RZA is a pretty beastly producer, and it definitely shows up on this album. The sampling from the movie, Shogun Assassin (ex: “Don’t worry, it’s only a dream”), is integrated so well, the lines feel like skits that paint a story between the songs, almost like a concept album. In “Swordsmen”, RZA demonstrates how to layer together different tracks seamlessly to make instruments and tempos which shouldn’t work together actually, well, work together.

Wu Tang songs are typically harder to mix, but the samples from Shogun Assassin definitely provide opportunity for clever beat juggling. Easier songs to mix from the album include “Hell’s Wind Staff/Killah Hills 10304” (once you get past the skit at the beginning) and “I Gotcha Back”; both have solid donuts of instrumentals before and after the rapping.

B-boys: Just as Wu Tang songs are typically harder to mix, Wu Tang songs are generally tougher to break to. The songs are usually slower, with gritty and eerie piano and string stabs, as opposed to up tempo, upbeat horns and drum breaks. “Investigative Reports” is probably the most driving song, with a good drum break throughout most of the song. “Gold” also has a very solid drum break throughout, but has a disjointedness that might make breaking a little more fitful.

Graf artists: The album artwork on Liquid Swords is right in that juicy transition period between the really basic, no-nonsense artwork of the 80’s and early 90’s, and the denser, commercialized feel of the late 90’s and 00’s. There’s some juicy imagery in the concise booklet. Wu Tang doesn’t play dominoes or throw dice; Wu Tang is too intelligent for that. Wu Tang chessboxes, and the chess motif is throughout the album artwork. On the CD, the back album cover is clever; it integrates the album songs into a story, almost like how the lines from Shogun Assassin tie the songs together into a story. Unfortunately, the songs aren’t in the correct order, which could lead to some serious confusion.

Singles: “I Gotcha Back”, “Cold World”, “Liquid Swords”, “Shadowboxin’”

Shoulda been singles: “Duel on the Iron Mic”, “Gold”, “BIBLE”

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