College Radio Day Recap

DJ Caleb with a C at the controls on College Radio Day! Photo taken by Jeff DePonte, videographer in the UH System Media Production office.

One of the main objectives of College Radio Day (CRD) is to bring stations from around the country together, and by doing so raise awareness for the medium of college radio. Another goal CRD accomplishes is much smaller, and maybe more significant—reminding and inspiring the students who run these stations why we do it!

Our current president, Barak Obama, said it best in an official letter released to the public regarding College Radio Day.

“I am proud to join in marking the 6th annual College Radio Day on November 4.

Radio has long connected us as Americans – from the songs that make us sing and dance, to the shows that make us laugh and challenge our assumptions, to the news that helps us understand our place in the world. As we scan through stations that cover every kind of music and perspective on the political spectrum, we find that college radio holds a crucial and unique place on the dial. It’s not simply a proving ground for young people; it’s an opportunity for all Americans to experience new stories, new bands, and new ideas.

On College Radio Day, we pay tribute to the ways radio has enabled students – and all of us – to help shape a more inclusive society. As you tune in to your local station today, you have my best wishes.”

– Barack Obama.

KTUH didn’t have an official “kick-off”, because we run 24-7 which means the celebration began at midnight for us. Special programming included shout-outs from stations across the country, official College Radio Day PSAs, and short College Radio Day sound bites made by KTUH’s DJs. Throughout the day DJs were giving away KTUH merchandise on the air, which is usually only available at events.


Scott Ohtoro, local hip-hop producer and beat smith performing in the KTUH Offices. November 4, 2016.

Paying homage to NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series, Small Kine Desk was conceived specially for College Radio Day. At 1pm DJs and students gathered at the KTUH Offices for a special Small Kine Desk performance with Scott Ohtoro. Although KTUH wasn’t able to live broadcast it over the air, we did go live on Facebook, and the reception was unbelievably positive! After a brief introduction, Scott played music from Kumamoto, Electrolights, and Super Groupers releases. The performance concluded with a small forum where students were able to talk to Scott. Fellow member of Super Groupers, Navid Najafi, was present and able to talk about the creative process of making music as well. Scott closed his set with a song off of the Learn to Fly album featuring Zack Shimizu, and the lyrics were incredibly relevant to why we were celebrating College Radio Day here in our island home.

“Here to share the love that I received from these rocks, the Pacific mountaintops, where we speak of hip-hop. The manaʻo from the ʻāina where the culture’s only paʻa. The legal occupation won’t destroy all of this mana. From the lands of the Māori, and the chants that held on, passed on through stories celebrated in song.”

Thank you to all of the DJs that put together special playlist for College Radio Day, and to all the staff at KTUH for participating in College Radio Day 2017! Congratulations to the recipients of the CRD Grants, and to the medium of college radio for thriving for as long as it has. KTUH is looking forward to making next year’s celebration even better!


You can check out the live stream on KTUH’s Facebook page! Interested in the live mix? Let us know!



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