Cookiehead Jenkins is Out!

I love this station and will miss it.

I started at KTUH in January 2001 upon the advice of a friend and then GM, Johnny Win; a Native American DJ/actor that had a reservation music show called The Rez. He and I worked together as part-time caterers and I had just started at UH the semester before. He brought me in during his show one night and gave me an application to fill out. Within two weeks, I was in training.

My first show was Monday mornings from 9-noon, filling in the second half of a show with Sifu “Jive” Walker, called The Afrostylus. I paired up with Sifu b/c I had family responsibilities and couldn’t handle a late late show. Sifu was an amazing mentor. I learned a lot from how he combined funk, jazz, soul, and breaks, rocked the vinyl vault dusties, and laid off the mic.

After a few months, I grabbed an available Friday 9-midnight slot and began my own show Vinyl Grooves, playing soul, jazz, and funk – mostly vinyl, but always stuff that was originally released on vinyl. In 2003, I changed the format and name of the show to Solid State Deluxe, which I’ve stuck with since. I wanted to include contemporary music and other genres like samba, cumbia, reggae, salsa, bossa, afrobeat, downtempo, breaks, and beats, etc. I ‘see’ all these genres as making brilliant conversation when combined in a mix. I started podcasting also around 2005 ( and have kept that up since.

I took a 3-year hiatus from ’07-’10 during my Master’s studies and returned when the Thursday night 6-9pm slot opened up. I had always wanted that time slot and avoided applying back in ’05. I’ve always loved Thursdays 6-9pm since Vince brought us Verses From the Abstract: the illest soul, jazz, funk, and hip-hop show ever! Following Beaker, Liam, Mano, and the Professor, I was stoked to have had the spot for the last 2+ years.

In a nut-shell, that’s what I did here at KTUH. Thanks for everything gang. I love KTUH and love you all! Keep up the amazing work. Keep up the best radio station in the world! There’s really nothing like it and we are so fortunate to be a part of it.

And thanks for listening to what I affectionately called, The soundtrack for the struggle, music for your mind, & bump for your trunk: Solid State Deluxe.

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