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MOORS – “Asphyxiated”


It seems like rappers may have it the hardest in the music industry. When you think about it, EDM has a very open circle that is always letting in new artists, but there are thousands of rappers out there who get little or no media attention because a select few hold the top spots. If the top spots are beginning to bore you, and you’re looking for something new, I highly recommend a dude called MOORS. I was just browsing through noisey, not really looking for anything, but the song has a commanding tone about it. Almost like he’s telling you a story, the song “asphyxiated” is a powerful song. He also has a voice that is easy to listen to, yet interesting all the same. I highly recommend this song, as well as all of the other music he has been putting out recently. It’s a bit mellow, so don’t expect to get hype off of his music, but if you listen to the words it might have an effect on you that you wouldn’t expect.

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