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happyoblivionHi there!  Mild-Mannered DJ Bryan here with a recent favorite album release from Japan.  Homecomings is a Kyoto-based quartet with catchy guitar-driven pop songs.  Their latest album, “Sale of Broken Dreams,” is an indie pop delight.   My favorite is “Don’t Worry Boys” with its upbeat rhythms and repeating guitar hook that ends up staying with you long after the song has finished.  For even more pop happiness, there is a remix version of this song “Don’t Worry Boys (HALFBY & LAST ALOHA Island Disco Mix)” that takes you to another cheerful level of bliss and dancing about without a care.

The other gem is “Perfect Sounds Forever” that carries the sound and lyrical creativity that was found in their previous release from 2014 “Somehow, Somewhere.”  That was one of my favorite albums from that year and I also highly recommend that album as well.  “Hurts” has more guitar and anthemic quality to it, but a good uptempo drive that makes the 5 minute track go by quite quickly.  “Buttersand” is another upbeat track that carries well and “More Songs of Pain” is melodic and pleasant despite the lyrics and title.

There is a bit more contrast and variety in this album compared to their prior releases.  Homecomings slows things down a little bit yet not too slow in tracks such as “Another New Year” and they try the stripped-down acoustic sound in “Maybe Some Other Time.”

They are signed tohomecomings-sale-of-broken-dreams Felicity Records, but finding the physical CD in the U.S. may be a little difficult, or at least pricey, so consider yourself quite fortunate if you have such a gem in your trembling hands.  Most folks will be content to go through the usual online retailers for the digital version of their album, and fortunately, this album is actually not too difficult to find.  Their website is www.homecomings.jp and it has information in both English and Japanese.

Look for this one to show up on the end of the year best of 2016 special!  You can hear the Homecomings along with other wonderful indie pop, indie rock, and pop from around the world on the Happyoblivion Show every Saturday 12-3pm on KTUH!


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