Fight Club Music with a Local Twist

“The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club.” Talking about the music played in the classic film, however, does not break any rules. The resonant final scene of the movie involves the insomniac main character, played by Edward Norton, staring out at countless buildings across the city explode as he slowly dies from a self-inflicted bullet wound. All while this is happening, the somber Pixies song “Where is My Mind” fades in to perfectly fit the mind blowing scene. Personally, I was never able to completely think of the original Pixies version without seeing this scene of the movie play out in the back of my head.

However, when seeing the local band HiRiz perform their own cover of this song I did not immediately think of Fight Club, but instead was mesmerized by their local edit of the track. The up and coming local band, HiRiz, puts a very diverse spin on the original by mixing the original emotion of the song with a hint of their own reggae and alternative style. The HiRiz cover goes through a unique range of tempos throughout the track and bounces between a relaxing reggae sound to more raw distorted solos. Aside from the overall structure of their cover, the band overall had an amazing stage presence that kept the audience grooving all throughout the show. Listen to the unique cover below and be sure to keep an eye or ear out for these guys at upcoming shows across the Hawaiʻian Islands.

-Jeremie Schuster (Beetlebot)


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