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Tuesday, inactive


The show is fitting into a more rounded and worldly genre that spans from indie rock to acid jazz punctuated by the occasional electronic beat and downtempo dance aspects; complimenting the more frenetic tempo pieces I’ve expanded into more down tempo arrangements reflecting almost a “Post Soul/ R&B” sensibility; a genre that I have fondly nicknamed dub-jazz and soul (but not quite dubstep). It has a unique sound that is borderline club and trance but not sacrificing jazz and soul elements in most scores. Hi on Air will continue to evolve its musical flavor as my knowledge and familiarity grow like it has over the past five months as a committed trainee. A privilege that the early morning slots provide that a 3-6am slot did not provide was a plethora of callers who only had encouraging things to say of the music and the ridiculous amounts of energy I had in the morning to provide a set mood that facilitates and stimulates the community (everyone in traffic). I have been met time and time again with great listener response and enthusiasm, a love for the music, for the energy and the enthusiasm, and it only feed into what I can provide as a DJ on my own show. I am inspired and passionate about the music I play and the tone that is set, I will represent KTUH only in an honorable as well as a revolutionary light. DJ Genevieve is a student at the University of Hawaii. Currently passionate about electronic/ synth-punk and alternative, she spends her days in KTUH digging for hidden gems. Usually a lot of trash emerges in the process. But her goal is to share with the world less mainstream, fantastic music, that not only she is passionate about sharing, but her listeners are passionate about hearing. Things typically sounding like they’ve been churned out by a machine catches her fancy. It’s a great way to wake up. She grew up in CT where snobbery and perfect syntax run amok. When she’s not DJing, She’s sleeping or trolling the internet. Also she finally got a job that pays her in money, not trident gum. So that’s awesome… Keep listening! Support your college station. Also if you love me, which you do, you’ll support Hi on Air by listening. Hey, it’s not like I’m asking for money, although I won’t way no to other forms of bribery… like a piece of trident gum.

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