Honolulu Night Market at Kakaako

My first time attending the market was last Saturday, I heard good things about it and it definitely seemed worth checkin out. I have to say it completely surpassed my expectations and was nothin but greatness. About 1 minute after entering we were offered free shaved ice. That’s right, free. HOPA (House of Pure Aloha) was putting the operation on and each shaved ice had been previously paid for by a kind person out there. They would hand you a card letting you know who had paid for your shaved ice and on the back there was a little note from your sponsor! Mine said, “let the flavors explode in your mouth.” All of the syrups were all natural and made from local cane sugar, and there were even toppings! I got the green tea flavor w/ azuka beans. Heavenly my friends, absolutely heavenly. We then paroosed the area and wandered into the warehouse which was filled with local vendors selling their trasures. They had decorated with xmas lights which illuminated the back wall with an image of Marilyn Monroe’s face. And who do I see spinning? None other than our very own Mr. Nick, what a nice surprise. Outside they had a beer garden which also featured alcoholic popsicles and hookah provided by the ever so wonderful Burning Tree. There was a reggae band performing live who incorporated some rock into their music, quite a show. We even got to see some crazy guy get arrested, he was very dramatic about the whole situation. All in all, great time and definitely going next time, you guys should too!


Dj Jem

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