[IS] Hip-hop Spotlight: Tish Hyman, “Subway Art”

Hip-hop becomes a debated topic when it comes to lyrical ability, personality, and credibility. Afterthoughts against Brooklyn rapper Tish Hyman however do not seem to exist when Tish is brought up within ‘up and coming rappers’ from New York conversations.

BX(Bronx, NYC) native Tish Hyman is a 30 year old rapper singer-songwriter who wears her beliefs on her sleeves and with her debut single ‘Subway Art’, Hyman depicts the typically overlooked experiences of ordinary people who board the New York city metro trains every day. With empathy she raps of the trials and tribulations through first person narratives of oppressed heartache, crying out to anyone for redemption.

Tish Hyman’s gritty tonal inflections are nostalgic of the tone Lauryn Hill exudes, however Tish clearly draws and defines her music as “street as it gets”. Tish believes Lauren Hill a legend in her own right, and feels that Lauryn Hill paved the way for black women like herself to be able and express herself the way she’s able to today. She is a fan of her work.

If you’re looking to divulge more into Tish Hyman’s music, don’t hesitate to search her social media handle ‘@listen2tish’.

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  1. Could you please share the link of my Uncle Ham’s show for tonight Sat. August 15,2015. Much Aloha.. Jan Claire Climo #ImHurting

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