Japanoise – The Boredoms

“Sound is everywhere. It is anything. And whatever we think is interesting, sound, we begin to collage it together…. But dont take so seriously what we`re doing.” – Yamamoto, The Boredoms

An alternative rock/ japanoise / experimental rock band from Osaka, Japan with a krautrock sound. Check out these Boredoms tracks on the web:

  1. Super ae (1998)- Wait for the track Super Are …to get crazy.
  2. Vision Creation New Sun (1999)
  3. Super Roots 7 (1998)

According to the wikipedia, the Japanoise scene is “…defined by a remarkable sense of musical freedom. Some of the most popular groups range from the high-energy free improv stylings of Hijokaidan, the punk demolition of Hanatarash and its subsequent psychedelic Boredoms evolutions.”

Here are a few other modern ‘krautrock’ sounding groups as recommended by callers and the ‘net: Fujiaya and Miyagi,  Secret Machines, Stereolab, and the Legendary Pink Dots. If anybody knows of any more please reply in the comments.

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