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Hello my fellow humans, welcome to my little corner where I talk about things that have caught my interest and might catch yours. So here’s so things to look forward to (at least from my perspective).


This December, just in time for the Holidays, we get what I’m most excited to get and that is Tee Rolling Stones new album Blue and Lonesome, which drops on December 2nd, and you can pre-order it know. As with all album releases singles are released to give you a taste, here’s one for you to sample titled Hate To See You Go,

Another album I’m excited to see drops sometime in 2017 comes from the band Gorillaz, no name has been officially given to this album and it has been taken to be callen the “really f***in’ special album”

But enough about future albums how about one that already came out. I got to admit this one really caught me by surprise when I found it in our new releases section in the station. There was no for advertising for it from what i saw which is weird considering it is a Pretender’s album. That’s right The Pretneder’s released an album titled Alone. All around it is solid, take a listen,

And last but not least in my little tid bit of info earlier this year I talked about how this year for the artist movie ofthe year is was Hank William’s turn although it didn’t do as good as Straight Outta Compton did in 2015, it was still a decent film. Now it’s still too early to call which artist is gonna get their turn for 2017 but I’ve heard, and this is a stretch, that 2017 will see the release of a Freddie Mercury movie or a Queen movie, I don’t know the details about it and it might not even happen but it’s just what i heard through a very long grape vine.

Anyway that does it for this tid-bit of info session.


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