kartell1Although he shares his name with a plastic furniture company popular in the 60’s, don’t let that fool you! Kartell is a young funkbeat mastermind from France who has been blowing my mind with his infectious songs. His music makes me feel like I should be dancing like this:

And apparently I’m not the only one, Kartell loves to perform live and connect with the crowd, providing sweet beats which induce dancing for hours, perhaps even all night. Kartell released his first album Riviera in 2012 followed by Sapphire in 2013. On top of making people fall in love one by one, he is also managing his own record label Roche Music as well as his own blog showcasing up and coming artists (tumblr.com/kartell), check out his tunes and experience his magic for yourself (Pantera should be the first song you dive into.)


By: Dj Jem

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