Kipuka Leo

Keli'i Ruth

Sunday, 3-6pm

A kipuka is a calm, generative entity whose character is distinctly other than the space surrounding it – the clearing in a forest, the calm in a high sea, the opening in a cloud formation, and most famously the pockets of new green growth and surviving forest that slowly revegetate Hawaiian lava beds. This kipuka is one of leo, of voice. As an all-Hawaiian music and language program, it returns the native langauge of Hawaii to the ears of its people, at least for three hours each week. And we play some of the best old-style Hawaiian jams ever heard. E komo mai i ke Kipuka Leo! This show is conducted primarily in the Hawaiian language – music, speaking, and dialogue w/callers (as much as possible). It is meant to provide a 3 hour slot in which the community can hear Hawaiian songs (especially the old classics) that aren’t often heard, and to introduce new artists who play in the “old style”. Guests include Hawaiian music artists & songwriters, as well as Hawaiian language students & staff of UH.

Download weekly archive.

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