Local Talent

Who knew we had such an amazing artist at UH? I did, that’s why I interviewed him to write this article. Roger Kelly, 21, is a humble soul with heaps of talent. He started out by creating comic books then took a brief sabbatical from art until he was reintroduced after high school. He is now an art major with a collection of impressive pieces which are considered to be in the “pop surrealism” genre.

During our talk at paradise palms (where a bee was harassing us and poor Roger was forced to sit on a deteriorating bench), I couldn’t resist but to ask the ever so cliche question, “what inspires you?” After some modest laughter he explained that he “gets satisfaction out of creating beautiful things, they all have their own little meanings I try to bring forth. The cool thing about art is you can say what you want but everyone will interpret it differently.” He also mentioned that music has helped his artistic expression, he really enjoys “Grizmatik” (Griz + Gramatik combined, awesome) and Justice. He believes them to be “breaking genre boundaries,” and he likes how they do whatever they feel is necessary for the song, and to him, painting should be the same way. Some of his painting inspirations include Rene Margritte and Van Gogh.

Although he probably wouldn’t admit it, his paintings are extraordinarily beautiful. They are vivid and detailed with a Van Gogh-esque quality,  and each one emits its own unique expression.

Check em out.

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