Making Connections Over The Airwaves

We’ve all had those moments. A song comes on, and it’s incredibly familiar. You know you’ve heard it before; in fact, you’ve jammed it on repeat once upon a time! Is it a cover? Who sampled who? And so the search begins.

With apps like SoundHound or Shazam and websites like WhoSampledWho it’s easy to miss out on those a-ha moments when you’re with a friend realize the song you’re listening to was covered or sampled by another artist you enjoy. Your eyes begin to squint, your nose wrinkles, you begin to see faint flashes of album covers, months linked to moods linked to relationships start to make your finger tingle, then suddenly you find the connection and shout it out! You won’t get that same feeling of satisfaction through a google search.

My show on KTUH is very eclectic, but I dedicate at least an hour to playing the most cathartic, emo stuff I know—Jazz. More than often people call in to tell me about who sampled a track I’m playing, and I’m always amazed at how knowledgable our listeners are. Here are a few connections I’ve made over the air waves.

Eric Lau samples McCoy Tyner in his latest album Examples. This one sent my partner into a frenzy trying to find that McCoy Tyner album!

It’s fairly easy to pick tell when a jazz musician covers or samples a song, but I never would have put these two together! The Mysterious Flying Orchestra meets Gang Starr!

Yusef Lateef is one of my favorite flute players, and a no brainer in the morning hours. It’s easy to see why jazz music lends so well to hip hop, and I love the piano melody in this Nujabes song.

I was listening to this Flying Lotus track for a gig, and didn’t think anything of it. A few weeks later I played Dorthy Asby’s album Myself When I Was Young on my show and had an a-ha moment.

The New Holidays original cut of Maybe So, Maybe No is full of raw power. Mayer Hawthorne’s rendition is silky smooth in comparison, and I still play them both on air.

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