My Favorite Artist of the Past 4 Weeks

So originally I was going to write about the dynamics of men peeing in public restrooms, but I realized I had a lot to say about the topic and that story could extend several pages. And you might say to yourself- that has nothing to do with music, and yes you’re right.

So we will keep it relatively basic and instead highlight my favorite artist I’ve played in the past weeks. One of the weeks we had an icon die at the age of 69- so the show was geared towards honoring the man. Meaning I played songs that were a little out of the home arena of Swinging Bananas. We are going to skip episode 120, and jump back to 119. This is where I found Little Francisco Grieves.

I had first featured this artist around the turn of episode 70 or 80 and somehow he then got lost in the archives of played music. But just recently I was listening to a station directed to Panamanian music, when wham bam thank you mam- Little Francisco Grieves popped in. I tried to find information about whom I was listening to and as I write this I’m still searching- but to no avail. Let me instead just tell you why I like these musicians.

First of all the vocals sound like a 15 year boy- there is no way he is older than 18. There is this pitch and wane in his voice that makes it sound like he has actually experienced the heart ache and loss we all dread- but then again I swear he’s gotta be in his teens so I question if he has. All the recordings I can find are rough and scratchy adding a vintage quality. I tend to get stoked on songs and say how raw they sound- and this to me is the epitome of what I think is “raw.” I would describe the sound as a combination of rock/ soul/ doowop ballads, but since they are from Panama there is this Spanish flare- and when we are lucky they add some horns to sooth the soul. From the four songs that can be found on the Internet – there is a wide range from shaking your boogaloo body to their version to Hiko Iko, or sulking with a bottle of wine to their song Necia De Mi Corazon. I imagined they played in a gym with all these high school kids slow dancing with quiet tears rolling down their cheeks.


If you like soul and have a heart, I think you just might like Little Francisco Grieves. And next time you are on a date driving a woman or man home- I challenge you put on the song Saying Goodbye and try your hardest not to make out before you open the door.


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