NERVO @ The Rupublik 2013

The Republik has been doing a good job of getting big headliners to play at their venue recently, with Jillionaire, Odd Future, and now Nervo being some big names. People packed into the club hours before Nervo was set to go on, and the DJ before the Australian duo was doing a good job hyping up the crowd, possibly too good of a job. Nervo’s set was scheduled for 12p.m-1:45p.m. but people had been dancing since 9p.m. Another issue was the clubs failure to advertise properly. Plenty of people came, but many left unhappy. The bouncers at the door refused anyone who didn’t have a preordered ticket, despite the fact that they advertised a 50$ entry fee on their website. Despite the mob of angry bystanders and a packed crowd, Nervo did their best to hype up the crowd, playing some of their more popular music to start out the night.
The best point in the set seemed to come when they started playing lots of big room house, which people went crazy for. Unfortunately the amount of people in the club turned it into a bit of a sauna. Nervo acknowledged this fact twice by asking the crowd “are you sweaty enough yet?!”. The overall show was a huge success and the Australian DJ’s sounded happy and promised to return for another show. There was also talk of Steve Aoki coming to Hawaiʻi as well but we’ll have more details as more facts arise.
To check out Nervo’s music and tour dates click here

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