Nujabes Tribute Ft Shing02, SPINMASTER A1 & Their Live Band Jan 30th at Hawaiian Brians

In a little over a week, I have the honor and privilege of hosting a live band Tribute to one of my favorite Beat Makers, Nujabes.  This show will feature a World Renowned Emcee and a good friend to myself and KTUH, Shing02.  He will be accompanied by his Dope DJ, SPINMASTER A1 (All in capitals of course, haha), and a special group of talented Hawaiʻi musicians providing him with live beats to rap over.  This will be going down Saturday Jan 30th at The Crossroads in Hawaiʻian Brians (aka the big room in Hawaiʻian Brians haha).

For all of you not familiar with Nujabes, he was a producer out of Japan that had a knack of blending smooth jazz influences and live instruments into his beats.  He was also a owner of two record stores in Japan and started an independent Record Label, Hydeout Productions.  Sadly, he passed away in a traffic accident in 2010.  Check out tracks like Arurian Dance and the critically acclaimed Luv (Sic) Hexalogy where he collaborated with Shing02.

Shing02 was an emcee that worked close with Nujabes, creating awesome tracks like the aforementioned “Luv (Sic)” Hexalogy and “Battle Cry” the opening song to the Popular Anime series Samurai Champloo.  Shing02 was born in Tokyo but interestingly was raised in Tanzania and England.  He came up in the independent San Francisco Bay Area Hip Hop scene in the early ’90s. Over the course of his independent career starting in 1995, the bilingual MC has remained true to his hip hop roots that blend creativity and activism, through music and multimedia.

Also performing that night is Shing02s DJ SPINMASTER A1 (SEE, STILL ALL CAPITALS HAHA).  True to his name, SPIN MASTER A-1 from Osaka is known for his distinct skills on the turntables. His energetic sets have won followings all over the world.  He has been rocking shows with Shing02 since 2002 when they met in the Bay Area.

The dynamic duo will be backed by a team of talented, young local musicians.  Alika Lyman will be on Guitar.  Local DJ and one of my good friends, Gotaro Oshitari will be on Keys.  Another good friend, Nick Kaleikini, grandson of local musical celebrity David Kaleikini, will be rocking on the Sax.  Jabari Prevost will be on Bass and Calvin Calha on Drums.

The show will also feature many local Hawaiʻi Hip hop acts.  My good friend, Creed Chameleon will be rocking out with his new band, City Limits.  I’ve seen them perform and its good to see Creed being backed by a live band.  It brings another level of energy to the show and I look forward to a good one.  Another local emcee, Scholar, who just dropped his first official album and just finished a big show in Kauai where hes from, will also be rapping with his live band.  And last but certainly not least, CNR Boy & Magu will also be blessing us with there smooth beats and creative emcee flow.  Most def CNRboy and Magu have become local favorites in 2015 and look to be making more noise in 2016.  Beats will be provided by my favorite DJ repping About the Goods, Dj Revise.

If your interested in checking out the show, discounted presale tix’s are available at or you can pick up physical copies at About the Goods, Prototype, HNL Kendamas and Know1.  Cheeeeeeee


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