One Day Left! We Need $10K to Reach Our Goal!

We are $10K away from our goal of $30K! We have one more full day of Radiothon to go, and we have full confidence that you—the listener—will help us accomplish this goal! If you needed a reason to donate to KTUH, check out the list below!

The money we raise during Radiothon is not used frivolously. This money goes towards station maintenance, paying the bills, and helps to propel the station forward! It’s the only KTUH grows. Without your donations, we will continue to operate in a deficit.

What would life be like without college radio—without KTUH in Honolulu—on the dial? KTUH exist for the educational and culture enrichment of the community, and as an escape from the city! Help us TURN IT UP! this year, and stay tuned for our final tally!

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