2016.11.08 HI-Level Funkshun PLAYLIST

Jazz Liberatorz – Speak the Language

Jaco Pastorius – Purple Haze

untitled track – J Dilla Dilatronic vol. 3

untitled track – J Dilla Dilatronic vol. 3

(skip sorry about that FCC)

yellow more    teebs

lets take it back  J Dilla  ruff draft beat

untitled track – J Dilla Dilatronic vol. 3

hyni  – dr. dread

untitled   J dilla dilatronic vol. 3

Dezarie – Most High

Midnite – Jah is the Giver

people and difference – J Dilla  donuts

untitled       dilatronic  vol.  2

Midnite – Enough for Everyone

Peter Tosh – Rastafari Is


detroit express     –  dilatronic vol 2   J dilla

primary consciousness   — dr dread

shout outs — j dilla   ruff draft  beat

Erykah Badu – Time’s a Wastin’

paces   mr. carmarck  melodies vol. 1

iamnobodi – Lawd She Bad

Mark Farina – Liquid (Instrumental)

bells   mr. carmack   stussy  soulection

untitled   – j dilla   dilatronic vol. 1

static invasion   madlib   pill jar

Fat Freddy’s Drop – by Oneself

Sade – Lover’s Rock

Hindi Zahra – Voices

threee years back  mr. carmack  blue

bye  j dilla  donuts

hpyni   dr. kathryn

nothing like this   j dilla  donuts

the screaming tree   dr. dread

gobstopper  j dilla donuts

elements  dr.d read

untitled j dilla  dilatronic  vol.3

ethreal   mr. carmack  blu

lightworks   j dilla   donuts

Fela Kuti – Zombie



crash (charms) mr. carmack  vibes. vol. 2

piano month  teebs   estara

untitled   j dilla   dilatronic  vol 3

essence  jareau     stussy +souleciton



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