An Introduction to Shibuya Kei with Smee 2017-12-06 09:00:00 to 12:00:00


09:06:00 Pizzicato Five “Sweet Soul Revue” from Made in Usa on Matador Records

09:12:00 Smee Wong “what now our love” from what now our love

09:19:00 Nomiya Maki “M no Blues (Medley)” from dress code

09:25:00 Montefiori Cocktail “My Darling Bossanova” from 4 Orchestra on EMI

09:30:00 Cornelius “bad moon rising” from The First Question Award

09:37:00 Takako Minekawa “Milk Rock” from Tone Float

09:43:00 Salyu “Lighthouse” from photogenic

09:48:00 BONNIE PINK “A Perfect sky” from Every Single Day-Complete BONNIE PINK(1995-2006)- on WM Japan

09:55:00 Kahimi Karie “harmony korine” from kkkkk

10:02:00 Momus “Vogue Bambini” from 20 Vodka Jellies on Cherry Red Records

10:07:00 Katerine & Kahimi Karie “Parlez-vous anglais Mr. Katerine” from Mes mauvaises fréquentations

10:11:00 Naruyoshi Kikuchi & Kahimi Karie “The look of love” from Elizabeth Taylor En Amérique Du Sud

10:17:00 UA “colony” from Colony – EP on Speedstar

10:23:00 Fantastic Plastic Machine “city lights” from contact on cutting edge

10:29:00 Earth, Wind & Fire “september (Fantastic Plastic Machine’s Beautiful Latin Mix)” from soul source

10:36:00 Coco d’Or “by the way” from Coco d’Or 2 on SONIC GROOVE

10:41:00 Towa Tei & Ryuichi Sakamoto & Yukalicious “Milky Way (feat. Ryuichi Sakamoto & Yukalicious)” from FLASH

10:45:00 Sweet Robots Against the Machine “free” from TOWA TEI on cutting edge

10:50:00 Reaction “i found lovin (towa tei remixed)” from Motivation Driving Sweets

10:59:00 Hi Posi “my favorite things” from gluon

11:05:00 PUFFY “これが私の生きる道” from 15 on Ki/oon Records Inc.

11:10:00 Cosa Nostra “friend of mine” from arrival

11:14:00 Flash “chance” from flash

11:19:00 Momoko Suzuki “I’m a Believer” from HAPPINESS

11:25:00 oh Penelope “LAIT AU MIEL” from Milk & Cookies

11:27:00 Doopees “now that you’ve gone” from doopee time

11:33:00 Cibo Matto “Working for Vacation” from Stereotype A on Rhino/Warner Bros.

11:36:00 Smokey & Miho “Ocean in Your Eyes” from The Two EPs on Afro Sambas

11:42:00 Miho Hatori “Sweet Samsara (Pt. 1)” from Ecdysis on Ryko/WEA

11:46:00 Love Tambourines “cherish our love” from Cherish Our Love

11:49:00 Ellie “I’ll Be Anything” from bitch in zion on Universal Music Polska Sp. z o.o.

11:56:00 Miyako Kobayashi “one sunny afternoon” from Lullabye

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