Around The World with Smee 2017-11-01 09:00:00 to 12:00:00


09:04:00 Dusty Springfield “spooky” from Dusty Springfield: At Her Very Best on UMOD (Universal Music On Demand)

09:08:00 朱雪琴 Zhu Xueqin & 郭彬卿 (Guo Binqing) “珍珠塔·妝台報喜 (The Pearl Tower Good News for the Lady At the Dressing Table)” from 彈詞流派唱腔大典 琴調 (Classic Collection of Tanci 7) – EP on 中国唱片上海公司

09:17:00 贵州苗族情歌 “假如你是一朵花” from 月出

09:22:00 Dadawa “sister drum” from sister drum

09:27:00 Sa Ding Ding “拉古拉古” from Alive on Universal Music

09:32:00 Zheng Jun “天下没有不散的筵席” from 第三只眼

09:37:00 Red Baraat “Tunak Tunak Tun” from Chaal Baby on Jaro Records

09:45:00 Clive Bell “Honshirabe” from Shakuhachi – The Japanese Bamboo Flute on ARC

09:49:00 Explore Series “Gamelan Gong Kebjar: Hudjan Mas (Golden Rain)” from INDONESIA Music from the Nonesuch Explorer Series

09:56:00 Gamelan Orchestra “Monggang” from Music From Bali: Original Javanese Music on One World Productions

10:02:00 Gamelan Pacifica “Trance Gong” from Trance Gong on American Gamelan Institute

10:12:00 UA “Eboh” from Sun on Speedstar

10:13:00 UA “Ua Ua Rai Rai” from Sun on Speedstar

10:20:00 Bjork “Big Time Sensuality” from Debut Live

10:27:00 Kecak Ganda Sari Singers “introduction” from kecak from bali

10:31:00 Idjah Hadidjah “Serat salira” from Tonggeret on ICON Records

10:42:00 Explore Series “Hausa Street Music (Niger)” from Explorer Series: West Africa – Drum, Chant & Instrumental Music

10:48:00 Paul Hillier & Steve Reich Ensemble “The Cave: West Jerusalem – Hebron: Act 1 : XIII. Genesis XXV (Chanted In Hebrew From The Torah By Ephraim Isaac” from The Cave on Nonesuch

10:50:00 Slaveya “Tsmindao Ghmerto (feat. Rustavi Choir)” from On the Village Square on Slaveya

10:53:00 Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Vocal Choir “Polegnala e Todora (Love Song)” from Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares on Nonesuch

10:58:00 Rujul Pathak “Apni Garaj: Raag Bageshri” from Apni Garaj: Raag Bageshri – Single on Rujul Pathak

11:05:00 Smee Wong “花儿为什么这么红/Lalit Tarana” from 花儿为什么这么红/Lalit Tarana

11:11:00 Shelia Chandra “speaking in tongues IV” from the zen kiss

11:17:00 Madonna “Shanti / Ashtangi” from Ray of Light

11:22:00 Ai Jing “花儿” from Made in China

11:27:00 Mavis Fan “kin gei geiei” from 福禄寿 序

11:31:00 A-Mei Chang “Sisters 2016” from Sisters 2016 (Parallel Universe Version) – Single on Forward Music

11:35:00 Karen Mok “隱隱” from 拉活…莫文蔚

11:40:00 Kahimi Karie “journey to the center of me” from journey to the center of me

11:49:00 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan “Shamas-Ud-Doha, Badar-Ud-Doja” from Shahen-Shah

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