June 25th, 2017

Cosmic Fuzz

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Fever Tree San Francisco Girls (Return Of The Native) Fever Tree
Love The Daily Planet Forever Changes
Country Joe & The Fish Not So Martha Lorraine Electric Music For The Mind And Body
Jefferson Airplane If You Feel Crown Of Creation
Jefferson Airplane The Last Wall Of The Castle After Bathing At Baxter's
The Byrds Artificial Energy The Notorious Byrd Brothers
Buffalo Springfield Everybody's Wrong Buffalo Springfield
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band Mary, Mary East/West
Buffalo Springfield Everydays Buffalo Springfield Again
Hearts And Flowers Highway In The Wind Of Horses, Kids, And Forgotten Women
Earth Opera Home To You The Great American Eagle Tragedy
The Sacred Mushroom Lifeline The Sacred Mushroom
The Sacred Mushroom Catatonic Lover The Sacred Mushroom
Power Of Zeus In The Night The Gospel According To Zeus
Earth Opera The Great American Eagle Tragedy The Great American Eagle Tragedy
Steppenwolf Monster Monster
Blue Cheer West Coast Child Of Sunshine New! Improved!
The Open Mind Dear Louise The Open Mind
Tripsichord On The Last Ride Tripsichord Music Box
Tripsichord Fly Baby Tripsichord Music Box
Samuel Prody Hallucination Samuel Prody
The Electric Prunes Gloria Mass In F Minor
The Electric Prunes General Confessional Release Of An Oath
Frumious Bandersnatch Chain Reaction Golden Sons Of Libra
Jefferson Airplane Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon After Bathing At Baxter's
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Here's Where You Belong Part One
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band I Won't Hurt You Volume One
The Savage Resurrection Someone's Changing The Savage Resurrection
The 13th Floor Elevators Slip Inside This House Easter Everywhere
Golden Dawn My Time Power Plant
July Dandelion Seeds July
The Velvet Underground The Murder Mystery The Velvet Underground