Swingin’ Bananas Episode: 149

Swingin’ Bananas


  1. Minora Muraoka- House of The Rising Sun
  2. Chicano Batman- A Hundred Dead and Loving Soul
  3. The Pair Extraordinaire- Donna Lee
  4. Galt MacDermot- Let the Sun Shin In
  5. Dizzy Gillespie- Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac
  6. Muntu Valdo- Timba
  7. Carl Walden & The Humans- I’ll Never Let You Go
  8. Assagai- Come Along
  9. The Commodores- The Assembly Line
  10. Los Fabulosos Festivasls- El Mensaje


  1. Bobby Bryant- Happiness Is a Warm Gun
  2. Chicano Batman- Itotiani
  3. Frank Wilson- Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)
  4. The Frightnrs- Purple
  5. The Rollers- Knockin’ at the Wrong Door
  6. Haruomi Hosono- Hurricane Dorthy
  7. Chicano Batman- La Samoana
  8. Os Baobas- Sunny Afternoon
  9. Martinis- Hung Over
  10. Charanjit Signh- Chura Liya Hai Tum Ne
  11. Valrie Sam- Quand Je
  12. Hector Rivera- I want You I need You I love you
  13. Annette Funicello- The Jamaica Ska
  14. Hugues Auffray- Don’t Thing Twice, It’s Alright


  1. Steve Winwood- Why Can’t We Live Together
  2. Assagai- Ayeio
  3. Chicano Batman- Black Lipstick

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