The Core Subjects – 2016/02/26 Playlist

The Core Subjects

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Sithu Aye Baryogenesis 12:00 PM
Animals As Leaders Air Chrysalis
Scale The Summit The Levitated
Jeff Loomis Opulent Maelstrom
Passages Ether
Pomegranate Tiger Mountains In The Sky
Exivious Entrust
Cloudkicker Plurals
For Giants Carol Street
Polarization Ultrazone 1:00 PM
Evan Brewer Cause For Concern
Chimp Spanner Terminus Pt. II
Racer X Scarified
David Maxim Micic Develop
Animations Oranges
The Helix Nebula Crystal Plains
Pelican Ephemeral
Roma Ivakov Deconstruct
Anup Sastry Free Fall 2:00 PM
Periphery Totla Mad (Instrumental)
Jakub Zytecki The Sea's Only Gifts Are Harsh Blows
Outrun The Sunlight Stars In The Ocean
Canvas Solaris Accelerated Testing Phase
Spastic Ink The Mad Data Race
Gordian Knot Galois
Divine Realm Tempest
Walking Across Jupiter -27
Dream On, Dreamer Violent Pictures
I Set My Friends On Fire Interlude