Unfun Radio – 3/20/17

Unfun Radio

WOOH! Thanks for putting up with us during our annual fundraiser last week!

Here’s the playlist from today’s show, 3/20/17.

Played Artist Song Disk Label
01:12pm JIMMY EAT WORLD blister clarITy Capitol Records
01:12pm Saves the Day The Vast Spoils of America (From the Badlands Through the Ocean) Through Being Cool Equal Vision Records
01:15pm Taking Back Sunday Cute Without the “E” (Cut from the Team) Tell All Your Friends Victory
01:25pm Sunny Day Real Estate in circles Diary
01:28pm Power Trip Hammer of Doubt Manifest Decimation Southern Lord
01:36pm Leeway Rise & Fall Born to Expire Reality Records
01:39pm Western Addiction Mailer, Meet Jim Cognicide Fat Wreck Chords
01:40pm Western Addiction Masscult, Vulgarians and Entitlement Tremulous Fat Wreck Chords
01:45pm Dillinger Four ¡¡Noble Stabbing!! Situationist Comedy Fat Wreck Chords
01:48pm Smoke or Fire California’s Burning Above the City Fat Wreck Chords
01:51pm Smoking Popes Gotta Know Right Now Born to Quit Capitol Records
01:56pm Smoked Solid Dairy SSD Theme Haruhiism Isn’t Dead Smoked Cheese Records
01:57pm Paint It Black The Ledge New Lexicon Jade Tree
02:08pm Piebald American Hearts We Are the Only Friends We Have Chain Letter Collective
02:08pm At the Drive-In One Armed Scissor Relationship of Command Transgressive Records
02:10pm NOFX All of me 45 or 46 Songs That Weren’t Good Enough to Go On Our Other Records Fat Wreck Chords
02:12pm No Use for a Name Life Size Mirror More Betterness! Fat Wreck Chords
02:20pm The 101Ers Keys to your Heart Elgin Avenue Breakdown Ace Records
02:20pm OFF! hypnotized Wasted Years Vice Music
02:22pm Iron Reagan A Dying World Crossover Ministry Relapse Records
02:29pm Out Of Bounds Knowledge The Big Chune
02:30pm Tunnel Vision Stuck Demo 2016
02:31pm Judge warriors What It Meant: The Complete Discography Revelation Records
02:36pm Slapshot no Friend of Mine Step On It Taang! Records
02:38pm Descendents schizophrenia All SST Records
02:45pm The Fall Cruiser’s Creek 50,000 Fall Fans Can’t Be Wrong (39 Golden Greats) Beggars Banquet
02:52pm Bad Brains Right Brigade Bad Brains ROIR
02:55pm Dead Kennedys Forest Fire Plastic Surgery Disasters / In God We Trust, Inc. Manifesto Records
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