Unfun Radio – 4/2/15

Unfun Radio

This week’s show focused mainly on classic punk (pop punk if that’s what you want to call it) that reached out a little bit into the broader leviathan of popular culture in the 1990s as the result of the work of labels like Nitro, Epitaph, SST, etc.

9:00 pm

Alkaline Trio – Mercy Me
AFI – A Single Second
Rise Against – Alive & Well
Offspring – Genocide
Pennywise – Date With Destiny
Descendents – Nothing With You
Useless ID – Too Bad You Don’t Get It (Israel)
Bodyjar – Not The Same (Australia)
No Fun At All – Should Have Known (Sweden)
Bombshell Rocks – Madhouse (Sweden)
Swingin’ Utters – Next In Line
Good Riddance – Fertile Fields
Straight Faced – Greed Motivates
Zeke – Telepath Boy
Green Day – 2,000 Light Years Away
Pulley – Gone
Down By Law – No Equalizer
Rancid – Side Kick

10:00 pm

Ten Foot Pole – Getaway
Saves The Day – The Vast Spoils Of America
Fucked Up – Year Of The Ox (Canada)
Bad Religion – Heaven Is Falling
Operation Ivy – Bankshot
Agnostic Front – Gotta Go
Millencolin – Penguins And Polarbears (Sweden)
Big Drill Car -No Worse For The Wear
Screeching Weasel – Phasers On Kill
Bouncing Souls – You’re So Rad
Social Distortion – Reach For The Sky
ALL – Dot
Scarling – Broken Record
Horrorpops – Freaks In Uniform
Distillers – Beat Your Heart Out

11:00 pm

Guttermouth – Jack La Lanne
Face To Face – I Know You Well
Get Up Kids – Holiday
Bad Religion – The Grey Race
Mobius – Big Deal
Dead Kennedys – I Fought The Law
The Bronx – Ribcage
Ceremony – Living Hell
fIREHOSE – Powerful Hankerin’
Have Heart – The Unbreakable
Breathe In – Epidemic
Converge – Aimless Arrow
Electrochoc – Trois Minutes (France)
Embrace – Give Me Back
Good Clean Fun – Wonderful
Frank Turner – The Road
Beach Slang – American Girls and French Kisses
Lucero – California

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