Poolside is a new music group creating their own sweet lil’ genre they like to call, “day time disco.” It truly is the perfect soundtrack to lounging by the pool, while sipping on some mojitos and hanging out with some quality folks. Their light and funky sound just makes you want to groove, it’s quite magnetic. I have to be careful walking to class while listening to them, I can’t help but dance! Their luscious cover of Harvest Moon originally done by Neil Young is flawless, they picked the perfect song to show off their disco style. I was so excited to see Jeffery Paradise is a member of the two-man band. He used to put on the infamous dance party, “Blow Up” in San Francisco that I used to attend as a young adult experimenting with alcohol (great times.) Check out their album, Pacific Standard Time.. I’m pretty confident in saying you’ll love it.

Harvest Moon Cover: http://snd.sc/MJAMfB

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