Snowglobe Music Festival 2012

Changing up the typical music fest scene, SG is music fest that is held in South Lake Tahoe. It takes place under the redwoods which most likely will be covered in snow by that time. The line up has been released and there are some incredible artists playing at the fest. Those going are stoked for some awesome music in the snow.  Some artists playing: Beats Antique (never fail to put on a good show), Gramatik (what a beast), Polica, Flosstradamus, BoomBox, Poolside, Big Gigantic, and Zion I. If you’re gonna be up in Nor Cal Dec. 29-31 check it out, gonna be a good one.

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Poolside is a new music group creating their own sweet lil’ genre they like to call, “day time disco.” It truly is the perfect soundtrack to lounging by the pool, while sipping on some mojitos and hanging out with some quality folks. Their light and funky sound just makes you want to groove, it’s quite magnetic. I have to be careful walking to class while listening to them, I can’t help but dance! Their luscious cover of Harvest Moon originally done by Neil Young is flawless, they picked the perfect song to show off their disco style. I was so excited to see Jeffery Paradise is a member of the two-man band. He used to put on the infamous dance party, “Blow Up” in San Francisco that I used to attend as a young adult experimenting with alcohol (great times.) Check out their album, Pacific Standard Time.. I’m pretty confident in saying you’ll love it.

Harvest Moon Cover:

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Who is this Lana Del Rey girl?

Have you found yourself asking this question in the past few months? Quite alright, you’re not alone. Not only is this woman sweeping the music world, but she’s also an internet sensation as well as a rising fashion icon. Her haunting voice and mysterious demeanor keep people wanting more and more. Lana Del Rey aka Lizzy Grant, originally from NYC, had been performing small time gigs for quite sometime until she hit her big debut in 2011 with, “Video Games.” This light and melodic song with an overall sad feeling acted as a sling shot into the music world for LDR. She created her own music video combining nostalgic fuzzy images and her pretty little face singing the song with her infamous pouty lips. She kept the ball rolling releasing more crowd-pleasers such as, “Blue Jeans,” “Born To Die,” “Summertime Sadness,” and “National Anthem.” Each song had it’s own mind-twisting and glamorous video to accompany, along with countless remixes. So what is it about LDR that’s making people go wild? She has been described as a modern, “self styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra,” and her music has been related to 50’s and 60’s Americana pop culture. The artist describes her genre as “Hollywood Sadcore” and lists some of her influences being Britney Spears, Elvis Presley, Eminem, and Frank Sinatra. Whatever she’s doing, it’s working. She just signed a contract to be the face of H&M and is coming out with a new album in November. Whether her overall magnetic, careless, and charming attitude is just a facade or not, it’s captivating because it’s new, unfamiliar, and unlike anything we’ve seen lately. Although it’s inevitable she will get completely sensationalized, capitalized, and changed, I wish her the best as an artist and hope she will be able to maintain a sense of originality and self.

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Yoga Pop Ups: Yoga-fying your music.

Yoga Pop Ups, a relatively new pop-instrumental band, is taking well known music and transforming it into a bubbly, soft instrumental version. After I heard their version of “Sleeping Lessons” by The Shins, I was curious to hear more. The range of covers they have is pretty unbelievable. They cover a hugely wide range of artists including: Radiohead, Prince, Jimmy Buffet, Sublime, The Jackson 5, Bob Marley, Rush, and even Frank Sinatra. Oh, and can’t forget Slayer. I wonder if my metal-head brother could get into some yoga if he had some proper yogafied death metal. There’s even a complete album dedicated to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, how festive. Although it’s a little on the pop-lullaby side, it’s still pretty entertaining that they’re able to cover such a wide range of music. Check it out, why not? I’d be dying to hear the yoga cover of, “From Whom the Bells Tolls” by Metallica.

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New Streamer Online!

Our stream server has been replaced with a newer and faster machine. The new streams are:

128kb mp3 (high quality) and 96kb ogg (lower quality).

Please update your streaming software or click the link on the Tune In page. Questions or problems can be emailed via the webform.

Technological Terror!

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Shere’e Young: From KTUH to an Emmy

Take a look at Ka Leo’s article on Shere’e Young, a KTUH alumna who went on to work at KITV4 and to win an Emmy for her newscasts there.

Here’s the link: Shere’e Young: from KTUH to an Emmy

We are super proud of you, Shere’e!

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A party, with dancing.


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KTUH BEACH BASH! — Friday, August 17th at the Kapiolani Park Bandstand

We’re having a party!

  • WhatKTUH Presents: A Community Appreciation Beach Bash
  • When:  Friday, August 17, 2012, 12:30-7:00pm
  • Where:  The Kapiolani Park Bandstand, Waikiki
  • Why:  Because it’s free and fun; because KTUH is the station that loves you!
  • Who:  The KTUH ‘ohana—that is, everyone who knows and loves KTUH FM.

Here’s the e-flyer; please do join us:

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KTUH Summer Madness 2012

Friday June 22, 6pm-2am, 39 Hotel St.

Ease into the summer season with eleven KTUH DJs spinning eclectic jams in rich variety as the sun sets. Hand in hand we’ll welcome the new golden age and keep the madness rolling until the wee small hours of a warm summer night. Facebook link.

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Cookiehead Jenkins is Out!

I love this station and will miss it.

I started at KTUH in January 2001 upon the advice of a friend and then GM, Johnny Win; a Native American DJ/actor that had a reservation music show called The Rez. He and I worked together as part-time caterers and I had just started at UH the semester before. He brought me in during his show one night and gave me an application to fill out. Within two weeks, I was in training.

My first show was Monday mornings from 9-noon, filling in the second half of a show with Sifu “Jive” Walker, called The Afrostylus. I paired up with Sifu b/c I had family responsibilities and couldn’t handle a late late show. Sifu was an amazing mentor. I learned a lot from how he combined funk, jazz, soul, and breaks, rocked the vinyl vault dusties, and laid off the mic.

After a few months, I grabbed an available Friday 9-midnight slot and began my own show Vinyl Grooves, playing soul, jazz, and funk – mostly vinyl, but always stuff that was originally released on vinyl. In 2003, I changed the format and name of the show to Solid State Deluxe, which I’ve stuck with since. I wanted to include contemporary music and other genres like samba, cumbia, reggae, salsa, bossa, afrobeat, downtempo, breaks, and beats, etc. I ‘see’ all these genres as making brilliant conversation when combined in a mix. I started podcasting also around 2005 ( and have kept that up since.

I took a 3-year hiatus from ’07-’10 during my Master’s studies and returned when the Thursday night 6-9pm slot opened up. I had always wanted that time slot and avoided applying back in ’05. I’ve always loved Thursdays 6-9pm since Vince brought us Verses From the Abstract: the illest soul, jazz, funk, and hip-hop show ever! Following Beaker, Liam, Mano, and the Professor, I was stoked to have had the spot for the last 2+ years.

In a nut-shell, that’s what I did here at KTUH. Thanks for everything gang. I love KTUH and love you all! Keep up the amazing work. Keep up the best radio station in the world! There’s really nothing like it and we are so fortunate to be a part of it.

And thanks for listening to what I affectionately called, The soundtrack for the struggle, music for your mind, & bump for your trunk: Solid State Deluxe.

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