Posted on September 5, 2016 by KTUH FM
Not For You Records; 2016

I am Dj Thee Curator. You can listen to my show The Manifesto Mondays 12-3pm.

Honolulu has a diverse architectural landscape, however, most plantation homes lack one basic feature: a basement. This is a bummer because we have no basement shows. 

I spent my summer mainland vacation in New Haven, Connecticut. The highlight of which was a hot date at a punk show in an actual basement. 

New Haven has roughly five active house venues complete with their own secret “sceen” names. Each show is booked a month in advance and always features at least one touring band. 

The “Thee House” cellar embalmed a soft dankness complete with notes of cat piss. It was like having front row rush seats inside your favorite Boston SWAG strain; the sound was great.

My Boy’s band played first and hearts drizzled my ears with fervent angst. 

From what I think I can remember the second was classic New England Hardcore based out of Brooklyn. The third and fourth bands came from Florida and shared bandmates. Everyone’s set lasted less than fifteen vigorous minutes, so most time was spent drinking beer with the dog in the backyard.

Feeling uncommonly social, I passed out KTUH stickers and snagged a demo from the angelic lanky drummer from Florida.  

The band is KLOUT.

The tape is a promo with two original tracks and a Ramones cover. This has left at least fifty two minutes of silence to play out and listen for ghosts. It is unlabeled solid white.  I already crushed the jewel case which broke nicely but it is sort of sharp now. I am glad they included liner notes because there are too many FCC violations to play on my show. 

 “Nose Held High” and “Who’s Side Are You On” embody usual Hardcore speed and abrasion, with hints of a danceable garage-y twang, giving them a unique dynamism. There is a lot happening in the span of two minutes, as if there are three different songs in one. The lyrics are simple, yet well articulated. 

In conclusion, this tape is totally worth the space it takes up in my backpack. Analog Forever.