Posted on April 6, 2016 by Matt Ratt
Beatnik Creative; 2015

Released by music label Beatnik Creative in London, Oracolo is the second effort from DJ, beat producer, and bassist for English alt-rock band Palace, Will Dorey of Dorset, England also known by his moniker Skinshape. This 8 track EP is a follow up to his self-titled debut, released through Melting Records in 2014. While most artists experience a slump from their sophomore albums, Skinshape has only expanded his fan base, laying on the pounding 90’s hip-hop influenced drums under psychedelic rock guitars and his reverberated vocals, resulting in an organic sound that’s not quite trip-hop and not quite psychedelic rock. I was in the KTUH office shooting the breeze with veteran KTUH DJ and psychedelic guru Owl, listening to a few bands like Mount Rushmore, The Turtles, and The Silver Apples. In the midst of our radical journey through sound, I remembered I came across Oracolo in the past week and offered the track “Left With A Gun” into the mix. You never would have noticed that we made a quick visit to the present. Give a listen here.

For fans of: Gaslamp Killer, Bias, Tame Impala, Monk & Canatella