Posted on February 6, 2016 by Mr. Modular
Spangle Call Lilli Line
Ghost Is Dead
Felicity; 2015

Spangle Call Lilli Line is a three-piece Indie Rock band from Shimokitazawa district in Tokyo, Japan. The band, featuring vocalist Kana Otsubo and guitarists Ken Fujieda and Kiyoaki Sasahara, formed in 1998 and has since released 10 albums. Their latest album, Ghost is Dead, was released on November 2015 by Japanese label Felicity (also home to Indie Pop band Homecomings). It is also one of the stronger Japanese Rock releases of last year.

Listeners can get a feel of what to expect from the band with their first single and opening track “azure” (released back in July 2015). The track has a swirling, twilight feel using discordant vocals in the chorus. The album follows “azure” with the one-two punch of the synthy “Echoes of S” and the groovy “ghost in the closet”.  “Feel Uneasy” features backup vocals by Moto Kawabe of Alternative Rockers mitsume. Although it is the album’s least memorable song (but not bad by any means), the haunting vocal effect during the bridge is utilized well.

Despite displaying a more nocturnal feel, the album works well under any time of day. The nocturnal jazzy burner “Iris” and the aforementioned “azure” also resonate well during daylight. The sequence of the track listing flows well with “Sogna” as a strong closing track.

The band also utilizes different genres ranging from Shoegaze and Indie Pop to Jazz. “Echoes of S” and “Anthology of Time” are two cuts that reach close to the Indie Pop tag. Along with “Iris”, “Sogna” also shows their Jazz influences. The band also recalls similarities to Japanese Post-Rock/Alternative Jazz band Toe, as evident in tracks like “Evoke” and “Constellation”.

The band set off to continue exploring their distinctive sound after their 2013 compilation album SINCE 2, and they managed to come out with a pleasant, ethereal album. Their latest album works well as a starting point and could end up being their definitive album.

The band’s official website is  You can view the video for “azure” below: