Posted on November 22, 2015 by DJ Look
Beach House
Thank Your Lucky Stars
Sub Pop; 2015

Releasing two albums in a year seems like a bad idea from a business perspective; however, Beach House managed to pull it off gracefully, artfully and within a span of just two months.  The two albums, Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars, both have components of Beach House’s spacey style but also contrast each other in a very subtle way.  Depression Cherry, otherwise known as the album with the red velvet cover, features tracks with an uplifting feel to them.  Thank Your Lucky Stars presents a darker and heavier side to the duo.  While Depression Cherry feels very nice between your fingers, it’s Thank Your Lucky Stars that has the track “Majorette”.

“Majorette” is the kind of Beach House song that I like.  It has a beat, although a slow one, that  starts the song and drives throughout the entire track.  It has a unique and rhythmic guitar arpeggio with a classic clean tone and a touch of reverb that perfectly offsets the drumbeat.  It has a fuzzy rhythm guitar and simple bassline that’s reminiscent of shoegaze.  It has accents in all the right places and   Everything falls into place naturally.  It doesn’t sound like Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally were trying too hard to write the parts.  It’s the type of song I would play (and have played) on my show.

If you’re a true Beach House fan and/or a fan of slow, dreamy, nondescript music, then I would recommend listening to the rest of the tracks on Thank Your Lucky Stars.  Unfortunately, I am not a true Beach House fan, so I found the rest of the album not unpleasant, but not outstanding either.  The second track, “She’s So Lovely”, was pretty unremarkable except for a slide guitar in the background.  I remember thinking “All Your Yeahs” had an instrumentation that reminded me of something The xx would write.  By the fourth track I had lost interest entirely and the album had become background music to me.  

All of this is just one DJ’s opinion, so feel free to listen to Thank Your Lucky Stars yourself and let me know what you think.