Russian Industrial

If the early industrialists in the West were fetishizing the experience of expression under control, people creating a similar sound in the USSR were living it.

– Colhouse Magazine + Blog, Russian Industrial Music

Linija Mass is a Russian Industrial group from St. Petersburg. Their album Fanatisch eiskalt maschine (1998) “Line of the Masses” is a combination of neo-martial, machinistic sounds, and totalitarian-themed speeches.

Another group is Alexander Lebedev-Frontov / Stalnoy Pakt (discography) and their album Anthesteria – The Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905. This album is an ambient exploration and

Commemoration of one of the most tragic pages of Russian history in the 20th century – the Russo-Japanese War. This lost war became a deep scar in the national consciousness of that period and turned out to be among the most painful and powerful incentives for the following first Russian revolution (1905) and the further eventual decline of the Russian monarchy. Source

Fantastic dark ambient music! The tracks incorporate old Japanese and Russian military songs, spoken word, and martial sound effects. Check it out on Youtube : Fourth Storm Vsevolod Rudnev. The track Exodus is the eerie soundtrack to this video about a city in the radioactive exclusion zone around Chernobyl.

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