Hosted by:

Davey Shindig


  • Electronic
  • Multi-Genre

808 MIXTAPES is a radio show and mixtape series, showcasing the talents of local DJs as well as those who visit Hawaiʻi. You can listen to it live on KTUH, broadcasting at 90.3 FM Honolulu, 91.1 FM North Shore, 89.9 FM Windward, or via the web.

808 Mixtapes is hosted by me, Davey Shindig. I’ve been a KTUH DJ a couple of times, so I should fess up here: I was first known as DJ Vertigo, when I had a show titled Rava Flava (seriously), which I hosted enthusiastically every Sunday morning from 3-6am for about a year. Later, I hosted Party Shuffle, together with super DJ Molly Firecracker. We played lots of indie and electro, and fought a lot on air. It was always super fun. I’m feeling very fortunate to now be back on air.

The show was born in June of 2012 out of a love for the hundreds of local DJs who work and play in Hawaiʻi, with the aim of serving listeners as a standard-bearer of DJ culture in the islands, and beyond our shores. Each week, the guest DJ’s sets are recorded, aired, given original album art, and posted on the show’s Tumblelog: 808mixtapes.tumblr.com, where they are available for a limited time for further listening.


  • Friday - 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm