Another HI-Level Funkshun

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Still Numbah One…

It’s the sounding stone, a microphone gets wrecked

Another high level function, a 1, 2, check

The first of its kind, on time, on deck

Online, on campus, on air, on Seph One too

Coming through this shine like the SUN do

You, who this is livicated to, why I stay true

Fresh produce, beats and rhymes brand new

Straight from out of the blue, Oahu


  • Tuesday - 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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    2 responses to “Another HI-Level Funkshun

    1. Peace

      It’s Koko! I know a song I wanna hear…

      Gregory Isaacs
      Stranger in your town

      I’ve been off of social media for awhile. What’s your email so I can hit u up when I come back to the island for a visit…..

      Peace man

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